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Dr Love answers your helpdesk questions.

Ask Dr. Love (Valentine’s Day edition)

In honor of the upcoming romantic holiday, it’s only appropriate that we invite Dr. Love, the foremost expert on customer engagement, to answer some frequently asked questions about building love with your customers. Dear Dr. Love, I want my customers to love my brand. What do you recommend we do… Read more

Learn customer service from Downtown Abbey

What Downton Abbey taught me about customer service

Every Sunday night I’m torn: Desperate to watch the next episode of Downton Abbey, yet sad to move closer to the series finale. For non-watchers, the popular PBS drama focuses on a wealthy British household in the early 1900s. While events surrounding WWI, women’s suffrage, and British politics… Read more Business Insights chart

Nothing says “I love you” like new features

At we love our customers. One of the ways we show it is by continually adding new features and functionality that makes it easier to provide awesome customer support. This month, we’re beefing up our Next Gen Agent integrations capabilities, giving you much more insight into your self-… Read more

Six ways to make customers love your small business

Six ways to make customers love your small business

No company can succeed without loyal customers, but how do you make sure customers stay sweet on your business? Encouraging customer loyalty and enthusiasm isn’t easy, especially for a small business with limited resources and budget. The good news is that you don’t need a big company budget to… Read more

Star Wars for Startups Teams Infographics

The Star Wars way to awaken a startup dream team

Check out our new infographic to see for yourself Imagine a galaxy not so long ago or so far away. To survive your startup needs an amazing crew of team members, and you need to identify and hire the best people for each role. Learn how to awaken the Force within and conquer the Dark Side — or… Read more

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