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We’d like to be a part of it, New York, New York!

Last month, Salesforce made its way to the Big Apple in a big way with two awesome events dedicated to helping companies of all sizes grow their business in the cloud. And, the team was there in full force to help fast-growing companies realize their customer service dreams in the city of dreams. First… Read more »

Every business wants to provide enterprise-level service. Now every business can.

What do you get when you bring together enterprise-grade customization, control, and insights? Business Plus. Introducing our new edition, designed for fast-growing customers who want to offer personalized service and let agents manage more complex processes better than any point-solution. Every business wants to provide enterprise-level customer service — Now every business can with:… Read more »

Our Startup Summit was an awesome day of learning and great content

It’s important for every business to prioritize its customers—but for startups, it’s crucial. Fortunately, creating an exceptional service experience is something startups can do with just small investments in resources and time, and the resulting ROI is worth it. After all, everyone appreciates the value of a good service interaction. And this was the main… Read more »

A girl’s guide to finding an awesome mentor (and being one)

Advice on how to be successful as a woman in the business world almost always includes finding a mentor. Many women treat this mission like a checklist item (Mentor? Check!), but being thoughtful and strategic about mentoring can be life-changing. Without the feedback that I’ve gotten from my own mentors, I wouldn’t be running Desk.comtoday. And it’s not… Read more »

5 hot startups that we can learn from

You might think there’s nothing to be learned from a business or company labeled as a startup, but that’s where you’re wrong. Major companies can sometimes settle into safe little routines and forget how to innovate or lead the market. That’s where these five amazing startups come in. Let’s take a look at five great… Read more »

3 reasons why the phone is here to stay

With the rise of social media and other channels your customers can use to reach out to you, is providing phone support still important?  Let’s also keep in mind that of all of the support channels, phone is the most expensive in terms of resources.  This is because while an Agent is on a phone… Read more »

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