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SMBs are made for social. Social is made for SMBs.

Ten years ago, social media was reserved for college students tucked away in their dorm rooms.  Today though, nearly 80% of internet users are consistently active on social media networks.   Not only is social media a powerful tool to connect with friends and family, it can also transform your small business into a medium one… Read more »

5 expert tips for starting out on

Here at, part of our WOW team are customer solutions consultants who have the unique opportunity to work with customers early on in the set-up and configuration process. Over numerous engagements, they have learned a ton from our customers around getting their customer support up and running. We asked our WOW team solutions… Read more »

How hires top engineering talent

As the engineering team lead at, one of the biggest challenges that is also one of the most important jobs is attracting and retaining the best people for our team. Search for “Hiring Best Practices” and you will get hundreds of hits. A lot of blogs and articles list the same set of guidelines…. Read more »

8 Traits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs don’t become successful by accident — it takes extreme dedication and hard work. Understanding what traits highly successful entrepreneurs possess will help you identify what is required to achieve your goals. Here are eight traits that will help you become a successful entrepreneur. 1) They understand what is happening in their business at all times…. Read more »

Customer Spotlight: How 212 Staffing Used Stellar Customer Service to Triumph Over An Industry Reputation

Overcoming an industry reputation is a tall order for any business. 212 Staffing wants to challenge the idea that the good customer service in the recruiting industry is an oxymoron. We spoke with Richard Eib, Founder and Managing Consultant, US, about simplifying the recruiting process and using technology to ensure that no one falls through… Read more »

How to help your customers make purchase decisions

While many new startups and small companies just want the opportunity to get potential customers through their doors or onto their new website, this isn’t the end game. Once you have them engaged, you have to close the sale. You must be able to influence their purchase decisions and turn them from a browser into… Read more »

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