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How customer service can improve your product design

On the surface, customer service is just that—policies, procedures, and business features that help customers get their questions answered, concerns addressed, and improve their experience with your company. It’s primarily a retention strategy, making customers more likely to stick around and buy more from you. But what if it was also a customer acquisition strategy,… Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Integrating customer service to every part of your business

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s more important than ever to be a customer-centric company. When you put customers at the heart of your business, everyone at your company can work together more effectively and deliver amazing experiences every time. For fast-growing businesses, the benefits of collaborating across different departments to offer amazing customer experiences are… Read more »

How customer reviews will influence retailers this holiday season

In the past, shoppers based their buying decisions on marketing information from manufacturers or recommendations from friends, but today’s purchase decisions are driven by customer reviews. Manufacturer websites, retailer websites, and third-party e-commerce sites are homes to many of these reviews, boasting neatly consolidated and organized lists. Social media also serves as a convenient platform… Read more »

Three questions that improve customer experience

In today’s hyper-connected world, where one bad review can be magnified across the social web, customer experience is more important than ever. Customer perception is influenced by every interaction with your company driving business outcomes that can make or break your business. Ian Jacobs, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, joined us for a webinar to… Read more » + SalesforceIQ: Genius-level customer service and sales

Fast, personal service across every channel? Today’s customers expect it, but most SMBs aren’t equipped to meet those lofty expectations. Never fear – Change is here! Today Salesforce announced an exciting new integration between and SalesforceIQ that delivers smarter customer service and sales for SMBs. Now service and sales teams can use data science… Read more »

Four tips for preparing your support center for the holiday rush

Your brand is a reflection of your company identity – while its core remains the same, its mood shifts with every season to accommodate people’s changing needs: from swimsuits to backpacks to umbrellas to Easter eggs, and back again. But as retail businesses know well, the holiday season calls for a lengthier and more invested… Read more »

Wow retail customers with awesome service over the holidays

Customer support is important all year long, but for small business retailers it’s especially critical during the holidays. This is a high-volume, high-stakes opportunity for you to build customer relationships. With long check-out lines, inventory sell outs, and slow websites, it can be a frustrating time for many retail customers. If you can use your… Read more »

5 ways customer service fuels marketing

Marketing has come a long way since the Don Draper days of three-martini “business” lunches and spending budgets without a clear picture of the return on investment. But let’s flash-forward to today’s reality, where data is the bread-and-butter of any modern marketing department. We want those numbers; we *need* those numbers. You’d have to design… Read more »

Employee Training: The Key to Customer Service

Good customer service is more important than many businesses realize. In fact, 82% of people say they’ve stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer service. What’s worse is that 39% of those lost customers will avoid you for two years or more after that experience. As you can see, customer adoption and… Read more »

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