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Partner Spotlight: Support Inside Your Gmail Inbox

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It’s no longer enough for fast-growing companies to just to provide customer support on every channel — social media, phone, email, chat, you name it. Customers now expect to get excellent service, on the channels they choose, any time they choose. But, while the explosion of mobile and social media is a big reason for… Read more »

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The Hidden Enemy of Good Customer Service

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I recently bought a custom picture frame from that suffered significant damage in transit to my doorstep. I braced myself for an inconvenient return process: the frame was large and awkwardly-sized, and would certainly be expensive to repackage and ship back to the framer. Imagine my surprise, then, when after just a few minutes… Read more »

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Service Disruptor Series: How Clockwise Tees is using Customer Service for Brand Building

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What’s the connection between branding and customer service? Well, if you have a bad customer service with a company you are most likely going to attribute it to the brand. Today, customers expect a connected, personalized experiences across a company’s website, mobile app, their store, and every touchpoint with that company. If my iPhone breaks… Read more »

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Get the insight you need to deliver even awesomer customer service with GetFeedback

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Are your customers satisfied and would they recommend your business to others? What do they really think about your customer support experience? When they visit your website, can they find what they’re looking for, and is that content helpful? Just think how much more awesome the service you deliver could be if you had the… Read more »

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Customer Spotlight: 3 Ways Disqus Uses to be a Part of Every Customer Service Conversation

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  With the explosion of blogging, social media, and online communities, having a conversation no longer means a face-to-face interaction or picking up the phone. And when it comes to customer service, it doesn’t matter where the conversation takes place. The only thing that matters is that any time a customer starts a conversation, you… Read more »

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Don’t Get Terminated: Adapting to Wearable Technology

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Before his infamous nude rampage in Terminator 2, Arnold utters the unforgettable line, “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.” And also that really cute mood ring… What people often forget, however, is how the T-800 decides on this particular guy and his fashionable pair of leather chaps. In the scene, the super… Read more »

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5 Keys to Building a Stellar Customer Support Process

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In the age of instant online feedback, customer support is a critical capability for any company – whether it’s a SaaS software company, a physical goods manufacturer or a consumer-facing online service. Quickly and thoroughly addressing questions or concerns helps your sales team, reduces churn, spreads positive word-of-mouth and establishes a trusting relationship with that… Read more »

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Get a Complete Picture of Your Customers with FullStory

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Ask anyone who works with customers. The more you know about them, the faster, more personalized help you can offer. And the better overall experience. That’s why integrating your sales and service solutions is so important. And why seeing the full picture of how customers engage with your product is important too. New integration:… Read more »

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