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New App Hub integrations to extend customer service across your small business

Last November, we introduced the App Hub to make it even easier for any fast-growing SMB to connect to their other business apps. We launched the App Hub with over 50 partner integrations including apps for e-commerce management, online chat, telephony systems, and more, to help customers extend their service offerings. Since then, we’ve… Read more »

8 things your support team should never say to customers

There are things that we’re all taught not to say. Don’t mention an old flame in front of a new spouse. Never ask an older woman her age, or a younger one if she’s pregnant. Don’t ask about someone’s salary, shoe size, or anything to do with their romantic life. Even support agents, who earn… Read more » highest rated… by you!

Here at our mantra is “fast, awesome customer service”, and in order to deliver this to you, we listen to your feedback. We rely on your insights to consistently improve and create relevant product features in order to help your growing business needs. “ has enabled us to reduce response times from four days… Read more »

Customer Spotlight: 4 ways Vimeo uses customer support to build a community of passionate users

Striking the balance between delivering technology and building personal relationships can be a challenge. No one knows that better Vimeo, a high quality video platform that caters to video enthusiasts, creative professionals, and businesses alike. “Having human relationships with our customers is very important to us,” says Darnell Witt, Director of Support and Community. Here’s… Read more »

5 tips for choosing the right customer service technology

The impact of customer satisfaction on your business can’t be underestimated. Whether customers want to communicate through email, social, or phone, you need to be ready to provide them with excellent customer support. That’s why it’s critical to find the right technology to help you manage inquiries and keep customers coming back for more. And… Read more »

Let me hit you with some knowledge

One of the awesome benefits of adopting your company’s first support tool is building a central store of knowledge for your agents and customers. In this article, we’ll discuss some practices to consider in building your knowledge base. Support knows best. When asking customers where they keep their knowledge before they use a general repository,… Read more »

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