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Be a part of the first-ever Startup Summit at Dreamforce

Walt Disney once said, “If you dream it, you can do it.” And we agree! That’s why we’re proud to bring you this year’s new Startup Summit, a powerful event to help startups build, grow, and give back. This event just for startups is two days packed with education and inspiration, featuring breakthrough speakers, must-have… Read more »

Five tips for making the most of your customer insights

With so many ways to leverage data, it is no surprise that organizations – and especially startups and small businesses – can become overwhelmed with making sense of it. Your customers are truly your single source of truth. They contain a wealth of information in helping you increase support efficiency and building a scalable business… Read more »

ORM Strategies for Small Business Executives

No matter the size of the organization, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is increasingly necessary for executives who represent companies. Effective ORM strategies help small businesses mitigate reputational risk which Deloitte currently rates as the number one strategic risk. For both companies and individuals, maintaining a positive image online is more important than ever before. Everyone… Read more »

Creating Your Competitive Advantage

This post was originally published on University Alliance. What’s your company’s competitive advantage over everyone else? Your immediate answer may be along the lines of “we’re better,” “our products are higher quality” or “our price is less.” But bland, broad statements won’t explain a competitive advantage, even if they are all true. Your answer needs… Read more »

Three reasons why the customer is not always right

It was Friday afternoon and I could hear my service rep struggling with a customer over the phone. Finally, the unavoidable occurred: our “problem” client was unsatisfied and wanted to speak with the owner – again. He was unhappy about the production time of his custom displays and didn’t understand why he needed to approve… Read more »

Eight customer service trends for startups and SMBs

Startups and SMBs face tough competition – from more reputable companies, to the startup that just invaded their space and is gaining traction, to the company that just pivoted and is now fighting for market share. With so many solutions on the market, and more being developed each day, it is essential that startups and… Read more »

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