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10 qualities of a successful SMB support agent

Hiring an excellent customer support agent is never an easy task. Finding candidates with the right skills, personality and motivation can be challenging in its own right, but this task can be a downright struggle for SMBs as they often have limited resources to dedicate to the recruiting and hiring process. To help with this,… Read more »

The ‘Game of Thrones’ and customer service parallels

If you’re like me, you LOVE the epic fantasy drama, Game of Thrones. But I’m sure you’ve never thought- hmm, what could this violent, imaginary world teach me about customer service? Well, I did since I live and breathe customer service at work and see it all around me as a result. After this week’s… Read more »

Are you using the new hot tool, data visualization?

It seems like almost everywhere we look these days we see charts, graphics, and other tools of data visualization…. election coverage, climate patterns, traffic, sports, rappers’ word counts, and Twitter posts, you name it and their data has been displayed in an image. Nowhere is this phenomenon more obvious than in business, where dashboards, real-time… Read more »

How to build a customer service roadmap [infographic]

With a customer service roadmap you can be sure that the service you back your products with will be as good as the products themselves. Planning how to evolve your customer service in advance is becoming as critical to your business as setting your product roadmap. Here are six things you need to consider as… Read more »

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