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12 Awesomely Designed Support Centers and What Makes Them Rock

Where do you go when you need help from a company? For instance a widget is broken or a site isn’t doing what you want it to, or you just need help with any number of things.  More often than not, your desire for information leads you to Google where you type in your query and you get a support center. A great support center is where your customers can go to find answers to commonly asked questions and if it’s done well it should be packed with useful information. If you set it up right and take the time to customize it, your support center can also be a seamless extension of your brand.

As part of’s Customer WOW team, I spend a lot of time with customers advising them on support strategy and helping them get their support center up and looking good.  We’ve seen the gamut of support sites, from bare bones to completely tricked out and we wanted to tip our hat to a few outstanding examples. These support centers not only provide excellent content, but they’ve also feature some clever design elements.

Take a look at our top picks and see how they knock it out of the park when it comes to great customer support.


The folks at SmugMug have done an excellent job starting with integrating header and navigation integrated into template.

  • Their use of the app navigation bar is a smart way to organize support center articles
  • Adding embedded videos on the page enhances the user experience
  • The uncluttered design and iconography makes it easy to find information



Fitbit now supports multiple products and they’ve done a great  job organizing the new editions within their help center.

  • The content is really visually appealing and engaging
  • The graphics are fresh and fun and the colors pop
  • The layout makes it easy to find what you’re looking for


Square has customers around the globe and they’ve done an excellent job utilizing the multilingual support feature to address their growing customer base.

  • The placement of’s multilingual feature makes it easy to select a preferred language
  • Integrating a “sign in” button is a smart way to authenticate users before they can submit a case
  • The ability to view support center by topics or by articles is a great way to organize content


The Help Center from Eventbrite gets a gold star for multilingual support feature too. That along with the page organization and design make it easy for all levels of users.

  • The Support Center is content heavy and beautifully designed
  • The Multilingual feature a stunning example of drop down menu design
  • The colors and typography are solid, strong and consistent with branding


Pandora gets props for the simple yet slick design that focuses on support center articles. It’s an easy implement this design that goes a long way for customers looking for information.

  • The organization of content makes it simple to find the exact answers you need
  • This is a great template that’s easy to customize and maintain
  • This is a intuitive, easy to use and beautifully designed website


It’s always great to see video used well and the team at Zillow chose to have a cool and simple design widget with help videos.

  • The placement of their how-to videos balance the site so it feels big and user friendly
  • The layout of the site is clean and makes it easy to navigate on any device
  • Adding a video scroll bar is a smart way to organize video content


Support center articles are a big part of the simple design from Instagram. They’ve also optimized their Help Center for mobile devices so it is able to display correctly for all their legion of cell phone toting fans.

  • The design is simple and clean and doesn’t distract from the important content
  • The site looks great on all devices from mobile to desktop
  • The support center articles are well written and easy to understand

Space Heroes

Do we even have to tell you why the Space Heroes support center is cool? Yes, it has very cool design, great graphics and very useful information.

  • The colors and fonts are fun, unique and engaging
  • They have a great background image that doesn’t detract from the content
  • The support center articles are very detailed and informational



Olark puts a personal touch to the support experience with photos of the team and a public facing question and answer channel.

  • The photos of their support team really personalizes the Support Center
  • The bright colors and bold fonts makes the content pop and stand out
  • The help guides clearly walk you through how to set up up their product


Vimeo is all about video so it’s great to see video tutorials grouped in an easy to access area on their support center.

  • There’s a ton of helpful information from community questions to how-to videos
  • The content is well organized and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for
  • The bright colors and bold fonts are very eye catching


Spotify has a lot of style in their support center with great use of images and iconography.

  • The iconography makes topics easy to identify and stand out
  • The design is simple, clean and easy to navigate
  • The support center articles are very visually appealling and easy to follow


We like how the folks at Athleticx use products to categorize content about their products.

  • Using images as support center topics is a fresh, unique way to categorize content
  • Adding images make it easy to find information for a specific product
  • Adding a header is a smart way to organize support center articles

If you’re inspired to spiff up your current support site or, even better, you haven’t created one yet and are ready to after seeing our awesome examples, we’ve created some helpful directions to get you started.

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