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4 Tips for Better Customer Experience in Your Call Center

Having an effective call center can be a valuable tool for any business to utilize. Unfortunately, some businesses are stuck in the past of automated scripts, long waits on hold and impersonal communication. Because your call center is the main point of interaction between your company and its customers, it’s important that your call center and its agents be as effective as possible at increasing sales and providing quality customer service. These five tips will help your business improve overall customer experience through your new or existing call center.

Start from the Inside

You would think that this would be the most obvious tip, but hiring the right staff for the job is critical. Once the staff is hired on, overall morale will be the difference between great customer experience and mediocre. So, to improve the customer experience, you have to first improve your employee morale. According to, “… When morale is low in a call center, employees become bored, discouraged, and lethargic and turnover is high. Attending to this best practice will reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.” Happy employees mean they’ll naturally smile while taking calls, improving the entire process.

Use Social Media

Using the internet as a means of communication with customers is a great way to get more questions answered in less amount of time. Interacting with customers via social media is a strategic way to provide instant customer support in a space they are comfortable with.

  • Live chat allows you to extend your support center beyond regular business hours with relatively little effort. This is good for customers who may be in different time zones or prefer internet communication in general. You can likely build this into your existing call center software.
  • Answering questions on Facebook not only gives your concerned customer an answer they can get to at any time, regardless of where they are, but shows potential customers that you care about the experience and their needs.


Use your call center agents to their full potential. Many are trained in a variety of skills including scheduling, lead generation and website support. Train your call center representative to generate leads as they’re taking calls throughout the day to increase you sales and give the necessary customers more than they may realize they wanted.

Monitor Effectiveness

It’s important to evaluate you call center regularly for possible areas for improvement. An unattended call center will become stagnant and prevent growth. Monitor your best calling methods and seek to improve your call center at every opportunity. Using metrics to keep track of your call centers effectiveness is the best way to spotting trends. Maintaining a personal relationship with your customers can benefit your company’s reputation and help you to stand out against your competitors. So, don’t fall back on the call center stereotype that they are an out of date tool and each customer is one in the same. You can improve your customer experience while maintaining the same level of calls and interactions.

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