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Alex Hisaka

Alex Hisaka works on the blog, SEO, social media, design and content on the Marketing team at

5 Best Practices to Managing Customer Service Issues

No matter how good your customer service plan is, nothing happens exactly the way it’s supposed to. Customers will judge your company for service failures, large and small, from bugs in your software to responses not answered within five minutes. But you can seize these opportunities — how you… Read more

Three Critically Important Benefits of Self-Service Support

Today’s customers have become more self-sufficient when it comes to seeking out answers to product inquiries or support issues. Self-service support, such as a support center (also known as a customer portal or self-service portal) have made it possible for customers to solve their support issues… Read more

What’s Your Customer Service Philosophy?

What is customer service? Customer service, by definition, is about serving people. When people refer to customer service, they’re usually talking about the process of getting help before, during or after a purchase. It can also refer to a department within a company that focuses on these processes. Read more

4 Tips for Better Customer Experience in Your Call Center

Having an effective call center can be a valuable tool for any business to utilize. Unfortunately, some businesses are stuck in the past of automated scripts, long waits on hold and impersonal communication. Because your call center is the main point of interaction between your company and its… Read more

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