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The importance of the customer lifecycle infographic

The proliferation of social media and mobile devices have completely changed how customers interact with a company. Today’s customers expect the best customer service and they want it from the channels they choose. The first experience your customer has with your company is critical. It can determine whether they will become a life-long customer or… Read more »

New ebook: Evolve! Grow your business through collaboration

Editor’s Note: “Evolve! Grow Your Business Through Collaboration”  is an eBook created by You can download the original eBook here. Collaboration between customers, managers and employees can make a huge difference when it comes to the success of a company. his kind of collaboration is especially vital for fast-growing companies that want to grow. But… Read more »

Key Trends Facing Customer Service Organizations

Fact: The importance of the customer experience has risen. If you’re like most fast-growing companies, the odds are good if you’re already prioritizing customer interactions and satisfaction. According to Forrester Research, 43% of organizations report a correlation between improved Agent experience and better customer satisfaction outcomes. However, many companies face challenges when it comes to… Read more »

Introducing the Master’s Guide Series

Like most fast-growing companies, you’ve likely managing your customer support informally, using email and other standard business productivity tools to field requests. But as your business grows, you’ve realized you need to streamline your customer support operations — and that’s where becomes essential. But before you jump in feet-first into configuring, it’s important… Read more »

New to Get Up and Running With This Cheat Sheet

So you made a good move by signing up for What next? Whether you’re trying it out or making the switch, you’ll need to get your bearings. Learn how to setup your support channels in four easy steps with the new Getting Started Cheat Sheet. If you’re already using the system, you may not… Read more »

6 Secrets to Offering Exceptional Customer Service

Today, a majority of customers are not experiencing great customer service, and they expect resolutions to their problems at breakneck pace. Expectations including: 69% of customers said they were on hold too long when seeking help from a company 41% of consumers expect an email response within 6 hours 30% of consumers that tweet a… Read more »

5 Best Practices to Managing Customer Service Issues

No matter how good your customer service plan is, nothing happens exactly the way it’s supposed to. Customers will judge your company for service failures, large and small, from bugs in your software to responses not answered within five minutes. But you can seize these opportunities — how you handle managing customer service issues and… Read more »

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