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10 Insights to Deliver Amazing Customer Service

10 Insights to Deliver Amazing Customer Service from Desk Amazing Service is Not a Given Think back to the last time you interacted with a brand. Did you have a great experience? If you didn’t, the organization probably didn’t do an effective job translating the vision of the company – to provide amazing service –… Read more »

3 Common Customer Service Mistakes You Can Fix

Think back to the last time you called customer service. Usually you call because something’s gone wrong, you don’t understand what has happened, or you do understand exactly what’s gone wrong and you are not happy. When your issue was solved, how did you feel? Did the process end with your anger diffused, your problem… Read more »

5 Questions You Must Ask to Set Your Customer Strategy

Your customers are the most important part of your business – without customers, your company wouldn’t exist – and your customer strategy is best built by talking to those same customers. By asking them (and yourself) the questions that matter, you’ll be able to make the best decisions for your business and for your customers…. Read more »

You can deliver excellent customer service in a multi-channel world

Responding in the channel where the customer contacts you might be as simple as having a semi-customized canned response like “I’m sorry – we use this channel mostly for marketing – and I’m happy to help you [here] – please contact me privately and I’ll make sure that you get a case created to handle and resolve this issue.” Ultimately, if you want to respond best to customers and promote a culture of excellence, I agree that you should drive customers to the channel where you can best answer their question and provide quality, consistent, and effective service within the expected time period for your organization. Just remember that your customers don’t care about the easiest or most effective solution for your company – they care that you will acknowledge their issue, apologize (when necessary), answer their question accurately, and get it done while keeping them involved and informed in the process.

Customer Wow Machine, meet Lean Startup Machine!

If you want to practice the Lean Startup methodology pioneered by Eric Ries and Steve Blank, one of the best places to do so is at a LeanStartupMachine workshop. The Lean Startup Machine workshop is the best place to learn the validation methods and techniques used by these industry leaders and it’s coming to Seattle… Read more »

Your First Filter: Building A Smarter Universal Inbox

You’ve probably seen the “folders” on the left-hand side of your Agent Desktop. These are Filters – dynamic searches that display cases in your system based on conditions you specify – and they are a great way to organize work for individuals, teams, or your entire company in What are these Filters, and how do they work?

Notes from my first Dreamforce

From the moment @Benioff tweeted that that we needed to arrive early for the Dreamforce 2012 keynote, it was obvious that this was not going to be a typical technology conference. And as someone who had never attended Dreamforce before, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The line at 7:30 reminded me more of a… Read more »

How to Write a Great Email to a Customer

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review stated that the key to making emails effective is to make them actionable, fill them with interestingness, and give them high relevance. Looking back at the emails I’ve written in my career (and also to the emails I write every day), I think we could all be more effective if we paid attention not only to these necessary items, but also to the ideas, emotion, and tone that make them sufficient (and even likely) to cause customer wow.

What the Heck Is Customer Wow, Anyway?

We can think of Customer Wow as a combination of empathy – the ability to understand and place yourself in another person’s shoes; functional excellence – the identification of key steps to solve a problem and the ability and execution to complete those steps; and the overarching idea of “doing the right thing” and treating the customer the way you would like to be treated in a given situation. Note: the customer is not always right. And the customer always should be treated with respect, given as much transparency as possible, and communicated with as a customer you’d like to keep.

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