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Sukhjit Ghag

Sukhjit Ghag

Sukhjit is the go-to person for social media, video and events at and is one of the newer member of the team (April 2012). As part of her job, she buys a lot of pizza and is the keeper of (Yes, you should apply for a grant)

Sukhjit comes to Desk from Sony Electronics where she was the in-house video blogger, social media evangelist and a community manager. Follow her on Twitter, @sukhjit or check out her video blog at

RJshop’s eCommerce Self-Service Support Is Music to Customers’ Ears

RJshop moves to its own beat when it comes to customer service. This ecommerce company that sells audio equipment to professional DJs and small businesses has a strong philosophy about shopping as a “customer experience” — and believes self-serve customer service plays a pivotal role. To provide a seamless experience for customers, RJshop relies on… Read more »

How to connect your social channels to

More than ever, your customers are following the brands they love and are talking about the things they like and hate on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe your company’s social media strategy includes proactive marketing campaigns to spark conversations, but how are you dealing with conversations gone bad, especially complaints and problems that need customer support?… Read more »

Customer Spotlight: Photojojo

When Laurel Sittig joined photography site, the company was tiny. At that point, founder Amit Gupta and his mom had been manning support requests for the online store and community. Laurel, a fan of the site, got her dream job with the company as a blog contributor and photographer. Photojojo may have been small,… Read more »

TripADeal’s Fantastic Voyage with

If you’re dreaming about your next adventure or vacation, you’re not alone. Norm Black went one better — took his dreams of travel and passion for adventure and turned it into a successful business, TripADeal. The website is known for offering unique experiences at great prices and it’s found a sweet spot with customers looking… Read more »

Customer Service: Front and Center for SpringAhead

The SpringAhead office in San Francisco is a standard startup office — big open room, people building and coding, a skateboard shelf near the door and a huge monitor displaying the status of customer cases in the center of the room. Wait, what? Customer support stats aren’t typical startup decor — or in any office,… Read more »

How Customer Complaints Can Influence Your Small Business: Customer Spotlight Blissmo

It’s one thing to solve customer problems — but if you’re not using customer complaints to improve your processes and products, you’re missing out. Complaints are opportunities to correct problems, says Hien Tran, director of operations at Blissmo, a subscription-based service that sends curated boxes of healthful, organic and sustainable products to customers once a month…. Read more »

The Future of Digital Wallets: How Dwolla Manages Customer Needs

When explaining the “digital wallet,” people often use the example of using your smartphone to pay for your morning caffeine fix instead of scrounging for cash or pulling out plastic. But convenient payments are just the beginning. New methods for moving money, where bills or plastic are no longer necessary, are quickly changing consumer behavior… Read more »

Customer Support As Your Competitive Advantage: DealerFire’s Customer Story

If you haven’t heard of DealerFire yet, it may be because you’re not in the automotive industry. In the world of car dealerships though, DealerFire’s reputation for creating killer custom car-dealer websites and innovative automotive marketing campaigns is second only to its reputation for the great care it gives customers. From the start in 1999,… Read more »

Won’t You Be My Neighbor: Nextdoor Builds Communities Online and Off

There was a time when online communities attracted the fringe of society. Today, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more make life online the norm, while increasingly, knowing a neighbor well enough that they’ll loan you a cup of sugar is, well, not as common. One of our newer members, the hot startup Nextdoor, struck a balance… Read more »

Ticket to Success: The TicketLeap Support Center

Ever planned an event? Whether it’s a raging happy hour, a seminar with speakers or a smaller gathering, there are a million details event planners have to manage to pull off a successful activity. The one thing they want to set-and-forget is the invitation. Enter TicketLeap, a self-service online ticketing platform for event organizers to… Read more »

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