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What every small business CEO needs to know about customer service

As a small business CEO, you know that starting a company can be a risky business. Customer service might feel like just another distraction when you’re trying to ship a product and make payroll, but today’s most successful startups know that offering awesome customer service can help you develop both better products and stronger relationships… Read more »

Customer spotlight: Hailo drives ahead with in-app support

“Support customers where they are,” has been a mantra of customer service ever since the social revolution. But what if where they are isn’t Facebook, or Twitter, or their email inbox? What if they are in your app? As more and more businesses shift their focus from desktops to mobile apps, it’s harder for customers… Read more »

Customer Spotlight: Four ways GetFeedback delivers fast, phenomenal customer service

How does a small business stand out in a crowded marketplace? For GetFeedback, a San Francisco-based startup that creates engaging, mobile-ready online surveys, it’s by providing both a superior product and superior customer support. Founder Kraig Swensrud explains, “In today’s world, customers don’t want to wait for an answer, and it’s our responsibility to provide… Read more »

Customer support = the most important team

Not that long ago, customers only ever really interacted with sales staff. The internet, and the way we buy things, has changed all that. ‘Pay as you go’ is the way we are going We have started to subscribe to things, rather than buy outright now: We stream music instead of buying CDs or downloads… Read more »

Turn Support Agents Into Holiday Heroes By Triaging Cases

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during the holidays is not providing a process for your support team to efficiently and effectively handle all of your incoming cases. Unfortunately, an inbox full of hundreds of customer inquiries that grows by the hour has the ability to slow any agent down. An effective process… Read more »

RJshop’s eCommerce Self-Service Support Is Music to Customers’ Ears

RJshop moves to its own beat when it comes to customer service. This ecommerce company that sells audio equipment to professional DJs and small businesses has a strong philosophy about shopping as a “customer experience” — and believes self-serve customer service plays a pivotal role. To provide a seamless experience for customers, RJshop relies on… Read more »

Customer Service Stories: Lessons from the Pros

We all know good customer service stories when we see them: The employee that takes the extra step to show you where the low VOC paint is or who returns your sneakers with a smile. And on the flip side, bad customer service is also very easy to recognize: The clerk who is too busy… Read more »

How Joist reduced support calls by 70% using and Hipmob

In architectural terms, a joist is a supporting piece made of materials like wood, steel or concrete that helps hold the walls, ceiling and floor of a building together. So when Brendon Sedo and Justin Kathan created job management apps for contractors and named their new company Joist, it was a perfect fit. Joist allows… Read more »

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