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Celebrate National Customer Service Week….all year long

Did you know it’s National Customer Service week? Yes, that’s right. Since 1992, the first week in October has been dedicated to celebrating the importance of customer service in helping businesses grow. But support is important all year long. Here are four ways you can be sure to offer awesome customer service 365 days a… Read more »

Cross-functional support: Why it’s good for your company

Startups can be crazy, exciting places to work. While it can often feel like there are more balls in the air than hands to catch them, somehow everything ends up getting done. This is because, many times in startups, people from one department jump into another department to tackle the tasks at hand. The collaborative,… Read more »

Coming soon: Customer Health Monitor – Improve retention and enhance relationships by predicting customer sentiment

We all know that honesty is the best policy, but did you know only 4% of your customers will actually tell you if they’re unhappy? That means 96% of your customers might be bottling up any dissatisfactions. Talk about passive-aggressive! Sure, there are tools available to help businesses understand how customers feel about their company… Read more »

Four ways to help your customers help themselves

Today’s customers are demanding, but not always in the ways you think. With ubiquitous Internet access and practically limitless information available online, users have grown accustomed to finding answers to all their problems. In 1995 a “needy” customer was one who demanded a level of attention comparable to babysitting, with near-constant supervision and willingness to… Read more »

Four questions to ask before hiring a customer service rep

Customer service is critical for  small businesses. It’s important for both attracting new customers and for retaining the ones you already have.  But when done right, customer service requires a really specific skill set. Here are four questions you can to make sure you’re hiring the right people for your customer support team: HOW WOULD… Read more »

VIDEO: GM, Leyla Seka talks Dreamforce on TWiT

Miss out on Dreamforce earlier this month? Not to worry, your friends at have got you covered! Our GM, Leyla Seka, sat down with This Week in Tech (TWiT) during the event to discuss trends in customer service, new features from, generational perceptions of customer service and the first-ever Startup Summit. Relive the #DeskatDF… Read more »

Nine traits of winning customer service agents

Your customer service representatives are the “face” of your company. They give customers the first impression of your company, an impression that often makes or breaks the future of your company’s customer relations. Of course, you want a winning customer service rep — someone who knows what to say, and perhaps more importantly, what not… Read more »

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