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Growing Your E-Commerce Business Without Losing the Personal Touch

Today, we all know Amazon as the pioneer in online shopping and the mother of all e-commerce companies. Brick-and-mortar stores were transformed forever when Amazon burst onto the scene in the 1990s, and e-commerce has taken off ever since. In fact, Forrester Research projects U.S. online retail sales will reach $370 billion in 2017 up… Read more »

Why Small Business Leaders Need to Try All Hands Support

Josh Reeves, CEO of ZenPayroll, and every member of his company pitch in to provide customer support at least once a month. At last month’s Salesforce Essentials for Service Excellence event Josh explained, “Payroll isn’t typically something you usually think of as delightful, but our goal is to change that by providing customers with a… Read more »

Twitter: The Path to Customer Service Domination

There’s no doubt that Twitter is changing the landscape of customer service through social media. Did you know that over 1 million people view customer service related tweets every week? That’s a lot of people with potentially a lot of buying power. You won’t want to ignore this growing (and growing larger) audience and the… Read more »

Customer Service Takes Center Stage in Boston

Last week, we invited a few of our Boston-based customer service stars to share their expertise and wisdom with attendees at the Salesforce1 World Tour.  Like so many customers, these fast-growing companies rely on us to provide them with the ability to instantly deliver outstanding customer support.  And, boy, did they deliver! Boloco Marketing… Read more »

5 Signs You’ve Outgrown a Shared Inbox for Customer Support

For many early stage startups, the easiest way to manage customer support requests is via email. Usually, they set up a “support@” address that gets routed to a shared Gmail inbox, where a handful of employees monitor and respond to requests that come through the inbox. This is common as many of these companies don’t… Read more »

Customer Service: Nothing to Fool Around With

Every year on April Fool’s Day, we are treated to our share of fake news, prankster emails and, most recently, countless funny GIFs swarming the internet. Here at, we can definitely appreciate a good laugh, as evidenced by the recycling bin fortress surrounding our office manager’s desk when we walked into work this morning…. Read more »

Service Excellence – Essential for Customer Success

Yesterday, participated in the Salesforce Essentials for Service Excellence event here in our backyard of San Francisco. The event brought together an intimate group of thought leaders for an afternoon of exchanging ideas and stories about how customer service is critical for business success within fast-growing companies. Rick DeLisi of Corporate Executive Board kicked… Read more »

Putting Fast and Efficient Customer Service in the Books

As the first and largest internet bookstore in Denmark, is no stranger to overcoming a good challenge. And it’s that entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and “full speed ahead” mentality that embodies what it truly means to be a fast-growing company. So in 2013, when decided it was time to take on another challenge and completely… Read more »

The Importance of the Customer Lifecycle Infographic

The proliferation of social media and mobile devices have completely changed how customers interact with a company. Today’s customers expect the best customer service and they want it from the channels they choose. The first experience your customer has with your company is critical. It can determine whether they will become a life-long customer or… Read more »

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