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Startups: Think Big. Think Dreamforce.

At, we’re all about helping startups and small businesses fuel their growth with fast, awesome customer service. This year at Dreamforce, we’re thrilled to be part of a brand new experience designed specifically for startups. The Startup Summit is all about entrepreneurship, energy and inspiration. You’ll learn directly from 50+ startup experts, network and share… Read more »

Three Secrets to Customer Service Success for SMBs

Successful SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) can clearly answer this fundamental question very early on: What do we care about most? And, while many SMBs are focused on acquiring new customers, keeping new customers is actually more important. In fact, SocialMediaToday references several studies that state acquiring a new customer is 5-10x more expensive, so… Read more »

Three ways GoSquared moves ahead with total company support

To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive environment, startups need to make sure that everyone in their company is committed to customer success. By having every employee from the receptionist to the CEO help with customer support even small companies can offer awesome experiences and drive business success. Just ask GoSquared. The fast-growing company makes an easy-to-use… Read more »

Millennials: Why customer service will never be the same

While a recent study focuses on how consumers interact with brands, the results also hold lessons for IT in how to tailor internal tech support services to best meet the expectations of a multigenerational workforce. Millennials — and to a lesser extent, older generations — are changing how they want to interact with customer service,… Read more »

Crossing the generational divide: Providing customer service for today’s consumers (infographic)

Our new survey explores how different generations perceive and prefer to interact with your company’s customer service. And more importantly, we share how fast-growing companies can apply these insights to their support strategy. But even better news is that we’ve created an infographic highlighting the most important things you need to remember when supporting Millennials,… Read more »

Customer service is everyone’s job

“The customer is always right,” is thought to have been said by Marshall Field, a Chicago retailer, more than a hundred years ago. Alot has changed about the ways that companies interact with customers over the past hundred years, but making them a priority is just as important. If you want to make every customer… Read more »

Salesforce sweetens the deal for growing SMBs with new edition

Salesforce has long targeted SMBs with its application for customer support, but on Wednesday the cloud powerhouse launched a new version of the software designed specifically for rapidly growing firms. Dubbed Business Plus, the new edition focuses on helping small and medium-size businesses scale their operations while also boosting customer retention and maximizing… Read more »

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