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10 tips for excellent phone support etiquette

As more and more companies adopt a customer-centric focus, customer expectations for service have increased. As a result, customer support quality has quickly become a differentiating factor between a company’s success and failure. Companies must therefore optimize their phone support quality in order to increase customer satisfaction and long-term survival. This blog post will help… Read more »

5 expert tips for starting out on

Here at, part of our WOW team are customer solutions consultants who have the unique opportunity to work with customers early on in the set-up and configuration process. Over numerous engagements, they have learned a ton from our customers around getting their customer support up and running. We asked our WOW team solutions… Read more »

Customer Spotlight: How 212 Staffing Used Stellar Customer Service to Triumph Over An Industry Reputation

Overcoming an industry reputation is a tall order for any business. 212 Staffing wants to challenge the idea that the good customer service in the recruiting industry is an oxymoron. We spoke with Richard Eib, Founder and Managing Consultant, US, about simplifying the recruiting process and using technology to ensure that no one falls through… Read more »

Customer service observations from the chicken farm

My mother-in-law decided to start her own breed of chickens, and we helped her out in her pursuit of the “Victoria” breed. They were a combination of Australorp, Americanos, Delaware and a little bit of Jungle fowl thrown in for good measure. It all started from a single rooster that was given to her and… Read more »

8 tactics to onboard & engage new customers

Customers that have great early experiences are much more likely to be loyal than those who have a hard time onboarding, or worse, never really engage with your products and services. Some organizations delight customers from the first moment: Uber can have a car in front of your door within minutes of entering your email… Read more »

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