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How your fast-growing sales team can get the most out of trade shows

I’ve been working in the enterprise sales world for a long time, and — no matter what industry you cover — an inevitable part is attending conferences and trade shows. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked a booth at a conference, but at this year’s Dreamforce, I took this opportunity to get back on the… Read more »

My first time at Dreamforce

From World Series wins to major tech events, I thought living in San Francisco for the past three years would have prepped me well for Dreamforce, but boy, was I wrong.  As a first time attendee, I didn’t really know what to expect and everyone around me was a Dreamforce veteran, which truthfully intimidated me…. Read more »

Here’s to the fun times at Dreamforce 2014

As we wrap up the biggest event of the year here at Desk, we want to take a second to reflect on all the learning, sharing, giving back and fun we had at the biggest Dreamforce ever. From product deep dive sessions, to a Bruno Mars/Michael Jackson themed flash mob, to inspirational customer stories, to… Read more »

Small business is big business at Dreamforce

Think Dreamforce is just for big companies? Wrong! Dreamforce is for anyone that dreams big. Yesterday, at the Small & Medium Business Keynote, Salesforce showcased tools that will help small businesses scale easily as you grow, outsmart your competition, and engage customers — so you can grow faster than ever. With 89% of consumers reporting… Read more »

Come see Salesforce Service Cloud1 reimagined!

It’s ironic. You work so hard to bring your business idea to life and put the infrastructure in place to help it grow….but if it grows too fast your systems can’t keep up and you’re dead in the water. That’s something that customers never need to worry about. If your need for customization and… Read more »

Recap of the SMB experience thus far at Dreamforce 2014

We’ve officially wrapped up the first day of Dreamforce breakout sessions, keynotes, and the opening of the Cloud Expo and to celebrate, we thought we would review our top highlight from yesterday. We had to give the honor to the “Paypal Mafia” which includes Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, Max Levchin, co-founder and CTO of… Read more »

Monday Agenda: 7 Things You Shouldn’t Miss Today at Dreamforce

Dreamforce 2014 is finally here. It’s going to be an amazing week full of innovation, inspiration, networking, music, fun, and giving back. We want to be sure that you don’t miss a second. Whether joining us on the ground today, or tuning in online, the following list of sessions and activities are a must-see and must-do:… Read more »

5 tips for startups at Dreamforce

You spent the dough on a Dreamforce sponsorship, a huge decision for any fast growing startup. Aligning your company with’s ecosystem can deliver a huge return on investment, but it takes work. Here are five tips from a ten year Dreamforce veteran to maximize the ROI of your trip and keep your VC partners… Read more »

Start up right at Dreamforce

Think Dreamforce is just for big companies? Think again. Whether you have an innovative idea, or you are looking for the right tools to grow your small business, we have you covered. Successful entrepreneurs, startup experts, investors, and some of the biggest names in technology will be sharing real strategies and best practices to help… Read more »

Don’t be a N00B: A guide to surviving your first Dreamforce

Dreamforce is an event like no other, and if this is your first time you’ll need to do some prep to make the most of your experience. You have your ticket, you’ve started memorizing Bruno Mars’ most popular songs, and have sessions lined up in Agenda Builder, but here are our need-to-know tips and tricks to… Read more »

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