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The official hackathon

The Engineering culture is very close to our hearts and we thought the best way to channel our team’s creative juices was to have a Hackathon. We work with a modern stack that includes Ruby on Rails, AngujarJS, Sinatra, Redis and Elastic Search but continually look to evolve our architecture to support our aggressive… Read more »

How to hire for your customer support/help desk

When you are filling IT customer-support and help-desk positions, getting the right people is critical. They interact with both your internal team and your customers, and the satisfaction of both of these groups is a priority. With that in mind, we’ve put together some steps that will help you find the right person. 1. Assess… Read more »

5 ways to grow your business with customer service [infographic]

How does an SMB with limited resources, time, and money compete against the big fish? You need to engage the blowfish effect. If you haven’t heard of the blowfish effect, it’s the act of making your small business appear larger than it really is so you look like the big fish in the pond. Awesome… Read more »

5 things I wish I knew before I became a support agent

I’ve had a lot of different roles here at and it all started with support.  Back story: I was working at a startup that uses when I got a great opportunity to join the Wow team as a Support Engineer.  I learned a lot in that position and thought I would share some… Read more »

5 insider tips for small & medium businesses at Dreamforce

Just because you’re considered a small or medium business doesn’t mean you can’t disrupt the industry and compete with the big brands. That’s why going to Dreamforce—and, more importantly, getting the most out of Dreamforce—is crucial for small and medium businesses. Here are 5 tips to help you do that: 1. Have a game plan, but… Read more »

Our new e-book “The Startup’s Guide to Customer Service” is here

Do you ever wonder why some startups are wildly successful but other, equally promising ones, fail spectacularly? A great concept, capital, passionate employees, and a private chef can only get you so far. Sometimes the difference between killing it and dying on the vine comes down to something really simple. Like fast, helpful customer service…. Read more »

This Is How Customer Service Should Be

Recently, I met up with a friend for drinks, and she asked me to recommend some new apps. (With friends like these, who wants to spend all day combing through Apple Store reviews?) “You always have good apps,” she said. “What’s your favorite these days?” Before I reveal it, let’s take a step back. Here… Read more »

Empowering Your Customers with Solid Knowledge Base Articles

Companies that offer online-based products and services must strongly consider incorporating a knowledge base as a support offering. A well-done collection of articles can save your company an immense amount of time, since your customers will be empowered to seek out answers to their own questions. Knowledge bases play a substantial role in building customer… Read more »

What it takes to be in customer service

In a matter of weeks, many customer service departments will start staffing for what is expected to be the busiest holiday season ever for online retailers. AOL Jobs recently asked StellaService Client Development Manager Chris Vodola what it takes to be a customer service rep in the digital era. Vodola has more than 15 years… Read more »

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