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The law of the mirror

Modern technology has greatly increased the scale at which companies can provide customer service. At SignUpGenius, for example, we provide customer support for up to seven million unique users per month with under half-a-dozen customer support representatives. While web-based tools like those at are invaluable for making this possible, the key to using electronic… Read more »

Small business marketing 101: Easy ways to grow your business

If you are not happy with the results of your marketing efforts for your small business, you are not alone. The unfortunate truth is that many small business owners often feel lost when it comes to marketing. There may be a general idea of funding one marketing project and seeing what the results are before… Read more »

How your fast-growing sales team can get the most out of trade shows

I’ve been working in the enterprise sales world for a long time, and — no matter what industry you cover — an inevitable part is attending conferences and trade shows. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked a booth at a conference, but at this year’s Dreamforce, I took this opportunity to get back on the… Read more »

4 steps for creating brand evangelists with customer service

Many people think customer service is just about answering questions — how a product works, when the next version will come out, why a delivery is late. But for small and medium businesses, it is so much more. It’s one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways for you to drive loyalty and repeat business,… Read more »

Connecting on a human level through online customer support

Chances are, you’ve experienced the crushing frustration of going in automated phone tree circles, trying to the find the magic combination of buttons to press to speak with a customer service representative. Or perhaps you’ve struggled with faulty apps that disconnect while you try to live chat with a representative. It’s exactly this type of inconvenience… Read more »

6 low-cost technology trends to improve SMB customer service

Decades ago, long before faxes and emails, customer service was mostly dependent upon telephone contact, aside from actual face-to-face interaction with your customers. With all of our new technology, it’s more important than ever to interact with your customers online since that is where the vast majority of them are doing their business. If you… Read more »

Recap of the SMB experience thus far at Dreamforce 2014

We’ve officially wrapped up the first day of Dreamforce breakout sessions, keynotes, and the opening of the Cloud Expo and to celebrate, we thought we would review our top highlight from yesterday. We had to give the honor to the “Paypal Mafia” which includes Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, Max Levchin, co-founder and CTO of… Read more »

5 tips on building an epic customer-support team

Let’s face it: When every move your company makes can be easily amplified to thousands over the social web, you need to make every interaction with your customers exceptional. And to deliver awesome service, you need an awesome service team at your back. While your “call center” may actually be your startup’s garage, you still need to put… Read more »

The official hackathon

The Engineering culture is very close to our hearts and we thought the best way to channel our team’s creative juices was to have a Hackathon. We work with a modern stack that includes Ruby on Rails, AngujarJS, Sinatra, Redis and Elastic Search but continually look to evolve our architecture to support our aggressive… Read more »

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