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How to pick the right help desk for you

Acquiring customers and keeping your customers happy so they continue to do business with you when you are a small business is crucial. But it’s even more important for you to service each customer that wants to talk to you – whether it’d be through email, social, phone, etc. – you have to be ready… Read more »

Customer service perspectives from Walloon Lake

Last week, I vacationed on Walloon Lake.  Tucked away in Northern Michigan, it’s not the typical vacation spot for Californians but after politely declining repeated invitations from our good friends, we finally made the decision to experience first-hand what the fuss was all about. Walloon Lake did not disappoint. Sleeping until 10 am (we were… Read more »

Customer spotlight: How GiveForward uses to always be there for customers

Taking care of customers is important for every organization, but it’s GiveForward’s whole reason for being. The online fundraising platform has enabled thousands of people to raise millions of dollars online for general medical expenses, cancer treatment, transplants, funeral costs, and disaster relief. With help from, GiveForward offers a level of service that’s beyond… Read more »

Everything I Know About Customer Service, I Learned From Waiting Tables

If you’ve ever worked in a service industry, you know that it can be a formative experience. Recently, a friend and I got to talking about what our early restaurant jobs taught us about delivering great customer service—and, really, about life and work in general. Here are 10 of our top takeaways from waiting tables, each… Read more »

5 things startups should avoid

According to Forbes—and numerous studies—between 80 and 90 percent of startups fail. Some of these were backed by passionate entrepreneurs, were filled with successful business people with years of experience, and some of them even had millions in funding from the get go. What went wrong? While there are nuances in every story, the fact… Read more »

What I wish I knew when I started my company

It’s not often that you hit the ball out of the ballpark on your first swing, and all too often, the learning curve for entrepreneurs can be painful and expensive. I was a core part of the founding team of three companies before my fourth, Assistly, was purchased by and relaunched as To say I learned… Read more »

Maximize the value of self-service

The Sales Engineering team will be posting monthly to the blog in an effort to share best practices and industry trends with our customer base. As SEs, we are fortunate to work with hundreds of exciting customers and prospects to see what can be accomplished with This is the first monthly post and… Read more »

You can totally make SXSW freakin’ awesome

Going to SXSW? Help make it freakin’ memorable! Community voting for speaker proposals opened yesterday and runs through 11:59 pm on Friday, September 5th. Here at we’ve worked hard to put together some sessions that won’t disappoint and are sure to give you valuable lessons in building your business. You can vote for a… Read more »

How to boost up your business

Achieving your business goals in these days has become a very difficult task. In order to make your business successful, highly motivated and productive employees are the key component. Team building activities and events can point out some strong sides of your employees’ personalities and enable you to delegate job responsibilities more equally. This can… Read more »

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