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Incentivizing quality work from millennial employees

  As a small to medium-size business, there are some things that are absolutely necessary, such as paying taxes and hiring from the millennial labor pool. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials make up the largest share of the U.S. population, at 28.7 percent. By 2020, millennials will be nearly half of all workers…. Read more »

How to provide customer-centric phone support over the holidays

The holidays are upon us. If your business is being impacted by the seasonal rush you might be amping up your staff with your go-to holiday speech, “Let’s do the best we can to just get through this!” While there is some truth to this statement – your team should bring their A-game during the… Read more »

Surviving the holiday service rush in five easy steps

The holidays can be a stressful time for your customers: they’ve got gifts to buy, lights to string up, and people to fight off before they grab the last half-price flat screen TV. If you work in customer service, you’re well-versed in the frantic frenzy during the holidays. And, with business booming during the winter… Read more »

What every small business CEO needs to know about customer service

As a small business CEO, you know that starting a company can be a risky business. Customer service might feel like just another distraction when you’re trying to ship a product and make payroll, but today’s most successful startups know that offering awesome customer service can help you develop both better products and stronger relationships… Read more »

Why marketing should sponsor your support center

    Do you measure traffic to your Support Center? This is why you should. When a company decides to create its own Support Center, it literally opens another storefront for their customers. This storefront – in the same way as the company’s corporate site – is soon to become a reflection of the business… Read more »

An app ecosystem for the employee-centric workplace

The balance between employers and employees is shifting. A few generations ago, an employee could work at a single company her entire life and retire. That is not the case anymore. According to a LinkedIn study, up to 85% of the workforce is actively looking or open to a career change, including employees satisfied at… Read more »

First timer’s guide to creating a kick-ass knowledge base

So, you’re using Desk for email, but you keep getting some of the same questions over and over again. You’ve setup some Macros for canned responses, but how do you educate your customers and deflect these questions?  Create a customer-facing knowledge base! But that brings up another question: where do you start?  Desk makes it… Read more »

7 habits of highly secure small businesses

Information security is easy to put on the back burner—until disaster strikes. In the last decade, a staggering number of small- and medium-size organizations have fallen victim to cyber attacks and data breaches. Many of those breaches proved fatal, putting companies out of business. How can these disasters be prevented? Here are seven best practices… Read more »

Customer support and driving the Wienermobile

Yes. It happened, and I can prove it. I’m one of the lucky dogs who drove the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile across the country after college, and I learned some valuable customer support lessons along the way. Here are three lessons that can be translated very well to your support team in order to make them… Read more »

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