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20 “Tweetable Tips” To Get You Started With Self-Service Support

In today’s world of speed, immediate solutions and interconnectivity, customers expect their questions to be resolved in a matter of hours. Fast-growing companies are feeling the brunt of these expectations as they try and meet the demand of their rapidly growing customer base with limited personnel. But there is a way to reduce incoming cases… Read more »

Tips on Getting Started With Knowledge Base Content for Your Online Support Center

A knowledge base is the most critical part of your online support center. However, everyone that has experience in customer service understands that creating knowledge base content is a daunting task. Endless Excel docs, ongoing customer interviews and especially hours upon hours of research and documentation. However, with a streamlined process and good management, it can become a little… Read more »

6 Customer Service Tips To Get You Going Before the Holidays

Today’s customers have unreasonably high service expectations – even more so during the holiday rush. The last thing you want is to let the quality of your customer service slip during the most important time of the year. In order to shine amidst the clutter of promotions and maximize your holiday efforts, your support team… Read more »

Customer Service Tips for Your Small Business

As part of last year’s Dreamforce, Alex Bard, SVP and GM of Salesforce Service Cloud and joined a panel aimed at best practices for small businesses, with a focus on customer service. Bard began by referencing both Amazon and Zappos, two brands well-known for delivering incredible customer service, with well established company cultures that place the… Read more »

Four Core Principles of Retail Customer Loyalty and Retention

From shopping malls to individual mom-and-pop shops, one constant that remains the apple of the retail industry’s eye is customer loyalty. Retail managers and owners are looking for new ways to keep their customers happy and enticed to return to shop, from utilizing loyalty programs to offering discounts to exclusive membership benefits and more. These… Read more »

Customer Service Stories: Lessons from the Pros

We all know good customer service stories when we see them: The employee that takes the extra step to show you where the low VOC paint is or who returns your sneakers with a smile. And on the flip side, bad customer service is also very easy to recognize: The clerk who is too busy… Read more »

Customer Feedback: The Five Best Ways to Get Feedback on Your Product

Your customers are talking about you, are you listening? Customer feedback is a vital part of all business growth. Your business is, after all, built entirely around the customer. This is why you are hounded for survey answers any time you log on to websites, a customer’s opinion is the most important piece of information… Read more »

Creating A Support Center That Will Delight Your Customers

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you’re forced to use a company’s FAQ or self-service site before you can talk to an actual human being? Is it inconvenient, inaccurate, impersonal, annoying or maybe even complete waste of time? That could be because self-service options are often looked at by companies as a… Read more »

Customer Service Lessons From the Movie “Finding Nemo”

Lessons in customer service can sometimes come from the most unexpected places. In the spirit of Shark Week, we’re going look under the sea and at the Disney Pixar movie “Finding Nemo.” That’s right, you can find important lessons about the variables in customer service from Finding Nemo. Just as on land, some variables you… Read more »

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