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Which Customer Service Superhero Are You?

Quiz: Which customer service superhero are you?

You think customer service is easy? Well, think again. It takes patience. It takes humility. It takes a little something more... That’s right: Every agent brings something special to the table—a customer service superpower, if you will. Which customer service superhero are you? Perhaps you’re fast… Read more

The Service Rep's Guide to Acronyms

10 terms every customer service rep should know

Like any department, customer service has distinct terms to know and metrics to track. Whether you’re a seasoned service rep or just getting started, here are 10 customer service terms to know and love. (And if you’re a real go-getter, you can download the Service Rep’s Guide to Acronyms… Read more

Star Wars for Startups Teams Infographics

The Star Wars way to awaken a startup dream team

Check out our new infographic to see for yourself Imagine a galaxy not so long ago or so far away. To survive your startup needs an amazing crew of team members, and you need to identify and hire the best people for each role. Learn how to awaken the Force within and conquer the Dark Side — or… Read more

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