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Get a Complete Picture of Your Customers with FullStory

Ask anyone who works with customers. The more you know about them, the faster, more personalized help you can offer. And the better overall experience. That’s why integrating your sales and service solutions is so important. And why seeing the full picture of how customers engage with your product is important too. New integration:… Read more »

Be a (Data) Hero for Your Customers with Amazing Service

In the world of customer service, it’s always great to know when your support team has had a positive impact on a customer’s experience. Sometimes customers even look to support agents as their heroes! Like when they typed in the incorrect password to their iTunes account one too many times, or accidentally booked the Presidential… Read more »

Answer Your Burning Questions with Filtering

We are proud of the New Business Insights system we’ve put together, and we’ve been getting really great feedback from our users.  As we move forward in building out the system we are continuing to listen to our customer’s needs and respond with features that help them answer their pressing operational and analytic questions. Our… Read more »

Panorama9 and A Panoramic View of All Things IT

Are you an IT problem child? How often do you run into issues with your computer and need your IT department to bail you out? If you’re anything like me,  you probably have your favorite IT support person on speed dial. Or even know their number by heart. Technologically-challenged people like us don’t always realize… Read more »

Monthly Product Recap – April’s Greatest Hits!

Welcome to our April Product Recap! It’s been a busy month here at since we’ve been hard at work delivering the features that our customers have been asking for. Check out the new Case Merge, Link, and Split feature, the enhancements to our JIRA integration, and an extra piece of multilingual magic. Case Merge,… Read more »

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