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Posts Categorized:Product Updates + SalesforceIQ: Genius-level customer service and sales

Fast, personal service across every channel? Today’s customers expect it, but most SMBs aren’t equipped to meet those lofty expectations. Never fear – Change is here! Today Salesforce announced an exciting new integration between and SalesforceIQ that delivers smarter customer service and sales for SMBs. Now service and sales teams can use data science… Read more »

WOW expert tips: Become a Macro pro

Ask any customer what they love best about our customer support tool, and chances are they’ll say Macros. These customizable shortcuts perform a series of actions with just one click. With Macros, you can set a case status, label it, assign that case to a group, and even add in some customized text –… Read more »

Coming soon: Customer Health Monitor – Improve retention and enhance relationships by predicting customer sentiment

We all know that honesty is the best policy, but did you know only 4% of your customers will actually tell you if they’re unhappy? That means 96% of your customers might be bottling up any dissatisfactions. Talk about passive-aggressive! Sure, there are tools available to help businesses understand how customers feel about their company… Read more »

Salesforce brings into the embedded productivity era

Only days after introducing the ability for enterprises to embed its popular support delivery service into their mobile applications, Inc. hopes to extend the same benefits to customers of the slimmed-down edition for small- and medium-sized businesses. Except, that is, the other way around. The update to brings the option to  embed partner-developed… Read more »

There’s an app for that…

It’s no secret that we’re always looking to give our customers the most choice when it comes to extending their customer service environments. We haven’t figured out how to make wash windows –yet– but if you’re looking for an integration to add telephony, chat, or even tutorials for your help center content, there’s… Read more »

Communicating with customers via Auto-Acknowledgments

True or false – auto-acknowledgments are just meant to let your customer know that you’ve received their question? Don’t answer, it’s a leading question. :) Indeed, auto-acknowledgements are an extremely handy tool that lets your customers know that you’ve received and are working on their request. If you don’t have one set up yet, see… Read more »

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