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Quick Codes? Macros are even better!

We’ve been considering whether or not to support Quick Codes in the Next Gen Agent Desktop interface for some time now because we know that some of our customers love and rely heavily on them to quickly drop article text into the case reply box for a speedy response.  But Macros can do the exact… Read more »

August’s product updates

We never make our customers wait for the next big thing, we make sure they are available to our customers before it even becomes the next big thing. introduced a more powerful support center, with new embedded video capabilities, empowering small businesses to provide their customers with the information they need. We were thrilled… Read more »

Get closer to your B2B customers with our new report

We are excited to announce the release of the new “companies” report, a powerful addition to the Business Insights toolbox.  The companies report gives valuable insights to our PLUS plan users who work with business customers. The companies report aggregates, measures, and compares activities across the companies you interact with from a support perspective…. Read more » helps Android users take care of business

Small companies can’t afford to leave their business behind when they’re on the road. Now Android users can offer fast, awesome customer service from anywhere with the Android app. You can stay on top of customer issues, collaborate with your team, and track and quickly respond to cases. It’s that easy and it’s always… Read more »

Supercharge with real-time social insights

These days it’s not just enough to know your customers’ name, past purchases, and where they live. You need to also know their social connectedness and digital influence level. Are they on Facebook? How many Twitter followers do they have? We’ve all heard about a recent customer service fiasco that went viral and tarnished a… Read more »

July was HOT HOT HOT for product updates

We believe that the best ideas come from – aside from our really, really, smart engineers and product managers – our customers. Some of the new features and enhancements that I’m recapping this month are ideas that were stemmed from our customer community. Got an idea? Let us know because we’re listening! Now, let’s do… Read more »

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