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Happy Holidays from the Team

Tis’ the season, friends! The holidays are upon us, and as we all gear up to visit family and friends, wrap those final presents, and have one too many cups of eggnog, we couldn’t leave for break without have a little fun with our awesome community.

How customization boosts retention

It’s no secret that customer expectations are growing every day. Not only do people’s needs have to be met in terms of standard customer service (i.e. availability, on-time delivery, and quality of products), but user experience has also become a major part of the ecommerce conversation. Though the term user experience is thrown around quite a bit, many of us do not fully understand its importance.

Six social media sins of business owners (and how to avoid them)

Social media is an important part of marketing for any growing business. For small businesses, it can be an effective way to get the word out without blowing a your small marketing budget. Since anyone can set up a social media account, it can be tempting to jump in right away without getting to know the various networks.

To avoid crucial mistakes when you start posting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or one of the many other networks, be sure to avoid these common social media sins:

Why social media should become your center for customer service

Social media has quickly grown to become an essential part of modern business, but many people view it one-dimensionally for its marketing benefits. However, at its core, social media is about communication, and that makes it a perfect fit for your customer service strategy.

If you aren’t already using social media as an integral medium for your customer-facing communications, consider the benefits:

Instant Communication

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