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Happy Holidays from the Team

Tis’ the season, friends! The holidays are upon us, and as we all gear up to visit family and friends, wrap those final presents, and have one too many cups of eggnog, we couldn’t leave for break without have a little fun with our awesome community. Read more

How customization boosts retention

It’s no secret that customer expectations are growing every day. Not only do people’s needs have to be met in terms of standard customer service (i.e. availability, on-time delivery, and quality of products), but user experience has also become a major part of the ecommerce conversation. Though the… Read more

ORM Strategies for Small Business Executives

No matter the size of the organization, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is increasingly necessary for executives who represent companies. Effective ORM strategies help small businesses mitigate reputational risk which Deloitte currently rates as the number one strategic risk. For both companies… Read more

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