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Choose the Perfect Customer Support App with this 6-Page Guide

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Finding any new system can be terrifying — especially if you’re charged with choosing your company’s first customer service app. You not only have to find the best app, you have to find the best vendor to partner with, and it’s all going to cost money. You have to do your research and get the best tool for your business.

Every day at, we help small- and medium-sized businesses find ways to manage their growing number of customer requests. These companies are ready to invest in and implement a product to manage help and support for their customers — freeing them up to get back to creating what their customers want.

We want to make the search simple for you. We worked in partnership with InfoTech, a global research firm specializing in IT research and analysis, to make a free four-step guide that breaks the research down and makes it easy to find the right help desk solution for any size business. We included an interactive checklist and ratings sheet to help determine which features and criteria are the most important for your team.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in our guide:




















Now, of course we hope your journey will lead you to — and we’re confident that it will in many cases. But you should see for yourself. We hope this guide will help you find the perfect solution to manage your customer support.

Download the FREE guide: “Choosing the Perfect Support App”.


Sukhjit Ghag

Sukhjit Ghag

Sukhjit is the go-to person for social media, video and events at and is one of the newer member of the team (April 2012). As part of her job, she buys a lot of pizza and is the keeper of


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