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Customer spotlight: How DealerFire gets 1262% ROI with

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Awesome customer service. Not only can it increase customer loyalty, but it can be a huge competitive advantage. Many startups default to a shared email inbox to manage inquiries, but savvy ones understand that a relatively small expenditure on a customer support app can have big dividends. Like DealerFire, which achieved a 1262% ROI with in just six weeks.

The company, which helps automobile dealerships create targeted digital marketing campaigns, branded apps, and interactive websites, has been a customer since 2011. How did DealerFire achieve such remarkable payback from Here are six things we can learn from DealerFire about how to get most out of your own investment:

1. Do it yourself was designed to be easy to configure, so there’s no need to pay high priced consultants to deploy. In fact, you might not even need support from your IT team. At DealerFire, it took two employees just two weeks to get the system up and running with custom labels and macros to help everyone move faster.

2. Skip expensive trainings was also designed to be intuitive to use so employees doesn’t need to duck out for detailed training seminars. DealerFire quickly discovered that formal training wasn’t needed to get employees up to speed. New users receive a ten-minute demo, then jump right in to help customers.

3. Take advantage of flex pricing

With’s flexible pricing model, DealerFire maintains high-touch service while continuing to grow rapidly. In addition to the company’s regular agents, 35 employees use on a part time basis so they can pitch in during busy times to help customers — and its costs just $1.75 per hour.

4. Expand beyond support

You can get even more value from when you extend and customize it to fit the needs of other parts of your organization. In addition to customer support, DealerFire uses as a project management solution to track tasks and overall status of its marketing projects. Some of our customers use to manage their product roadmaps. Others use it to handle their recruiting processes.

5. Connect to other systems

Your customer service shouldn’t operate in a vacuum. Through seamless integration with Salesforce, gives DealerFire employees more complete customer information, so they can improve service and satisfaction, and identify more opportunities to up-sell.

6. Create a self-service portal

It’s easy to build a self-service portal with so customers can help themselves — even from their mobile phones. DealerFire estimates that 200 calls are deflected each month through their portal.

Since implementing, DealerFire's business has doubled, while the company's support staff has increased by just a few agents. Taking advantage of’s low start-up costs, the company has increased productivity and satisfaction, easily scaled through growth, and saved more than $64,000 each year.  Try now and see what we can do for your business too!

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