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The Future of Social Media and Customer Service

The future of social media and customer service have changed how businesses interact with their customers. Twitter, Facebook, and the hundreds of other social networks have captured the culture and turned business on its ear.

THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND CUSTOMER SERVICE FACTOID: Users say they’re more likely to buy if a business answers their questions on Twitter.” (

The customer has changed, as well. Their expectations shape your strategies. Their needs govern your roadmap. They speak, you listen (or eavesdrop). The quality of their experience is the most important goal of your business.

It’s not enough just to tune in to what customers are saying to you and about you on social networks. You must find and use creative, progressive tools to keep ahead of social trends. You need to monitor the conversation and then interact—hear the voices of your customers, respond to them, and get to know them. To give them the kind of service that will make them into enthusiastic fans and loyal advocates for your brand. At, we call this Customer Wow.

Find your customers on all the channels–on all the social networks. On Twitter and Facebook, on chat or email, on mobile apps or forums or blogs. Wherever they congregate on the Internet, elevate their experience with your brand, quickly and efficiently answer questions, solve problems, and co-create.

SOCIAL NETWORK AND CUSTOMER SERVICE FACTOID: “I have never seen such a transformative change as the one that we are living through today. We moved from about 11% to 12% of our media investment in digital to 36%, close to 40%” over the past 2-1/2 years.” – Antonio Lucio, global chief marketing, strategy and corporate development officer at Visa.

Here are some ways wants to help:

  • Making it simpler to provide reliably stellar service and support to your customer, because the customer is the most valuable asset you have.
  • Making it affordable to compete with the kind of customer service that used to be available only to big companies using on-premise software.
  • Making it possible for your team to have “a help center in their pocket” with our mobile app.
  • Making sure that every touchpoint with the customer is an opportunity to connect and engage.
  • Making every employee a participant in service and support—not just to raise productivity and increase revenues, but to promote a culture that places the customer at the center.
  • Enabling you to leverage social trends, the driving force of business on the Web.
  • Turning customer service and support (including service through social networks) from a cost center into a disruptive, competitive advantage.
  • Helping you differentiate on providing service through the social channels that will be changing customer expectations and setting the pace for customer satisfaction.
  • Capitalizing on a mobile, remote workforce—a “human cloud”—capable of lowering your contact center costs dramatically.
  • Scaling real-time service and support across the entire organization, using comprehensive customer engagement as a business driver and a way to direct strategy.

SOCIAL NETWORK AND CUSTOMER SERVICE FACTOID: “With social media now becoming a mainstay in people’s lives, it is important for companies to understand the motivations and expectations of their customers. While only a small proportion of people currently use social media channels to complain, the impact can be greater with more people witnessing the exchange,” said Ralph Risk, Lightspeed’s research marketing director EMEA. “While this provides companies with a potential risk it also gives them a huge opportunity to highlight their excellent service, and the brands that embrace this successfully are likely to reap the rewards.”


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