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Grow Your Business With Customer Service

Customer service has evolved considerably over the years – from single channel call centers to multichannel contact centers with the emergence of cloud technologies and onward to customer engagement hubs with the proliferation of social channels.  Now, customer service has gone mobile with well over 1.4BN smartphones in the world today, rising to over 4BN by 2016.  And this pace of change is accelerating.

But customers are still not satisfied.  And, now, with so many channels available to them on which to voice their dissatisfaction, at any time, from anywhere, the swell of discontent grows louder every day.

So what is the problem?  The problem is that a deep chasm of technology exists between businesses and their customers.  On one side are customers – all using social, mobile and cloud technologies, communicating and sharing thoughts and ideas. On other side are businesses, hopelessly ill-equipped to service their needs.

But all is not bleak.  A new type of business is emerging that understands its customers, businesses that are leading change, disrupting existing markets and creating new ones.  These are the businesses that are harnessing the power of cloud, social and mobile technologies to connect with their customers and grow their business, and quite blatantly, using customer service as a competitive advantage., the all-in-one customer support app for fast-growing companies, is helping some of the worlds most innovative companies connect with their customers in a whole new way.  With you get everything you need to deliver outstanding service across every channel, right out-of-the-box.  This includes an intuitive agent interface, self-service support websites and powerful advanced reporting and analytics.

While it may seem impossible to grow a small business and compete with major brands, we found two great examples of businesses competing and gaining ground on organizations many times their size. HotelTonight, a mobile app for booking same-day hotel rooms at a discount, and StayClassy, an online fundraising software for nonprofits. We asked Jared Simon, Pat Walsh and Shank of HotelTonight and Scot Chisholm of StayClassy to share how they used great customer service to grow their business and get an edge on your competition. Here’s a few quick takeaways:

  • Know your customer and WOW them every chance you get.
  • Respond quickly and accurately.
  • Make decisions based on actionable insights

We understand that smaller businesses and fast-growing companies can encounter some hurdles when it comes to handling customer complaints, questions, and issues from so many different channels. That’s why we put together these best practices and tips so your business can successfully compete in today’s marketplace.

Click here to view the full presentation of “Customer Service as a Competitive Advantage”



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