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Here They Come! The Millennials! An Assistly Infographic

Millenials InfographicDo you hear that sound, that rumbling? It's the drumbeat of a new generation of customers on the move: The Millennials. This group, over 80 million strong, is the generation born after 1980—and they are now beginning to reach their peak earning years.

Who are they and what do they want from their favorite brands?

Millennials are the first generation of true "digital natives" and are completely entwined with their technologies in their daily life. They sleep with their smartphones. Really — 80% of them sleep with their phones.

Millennials are leading a huge social shift with their expectation for relating and getting service "any time & everywhere." That means that you need to prepare your brand to interact with them on their terms.

Here's an infographic to help you understand Millennials, along with 5 simple steps you can take to "future proof" your brand as they prosper.


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