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Communicating with customers via Auto-Acknowledgments

True or false – auto-acknowledgments are just meant to let your customer know that you’ve received their question? Don’t answer, it’s a leading question. :) Indeed, auto-acknowledgements are an extremely handy tool that lets your customers know that you’ve received and are working on their request. If you don’t have one set up yet, see… Read more »

Why social media should become your center for customer service

Social media has quickly grown to become an essential part of modern business, but many people view it one-dimensionally for its marketing benefits. However, at its core, social media is about communication, and that makes it a perfect fit for your customer service strategy. If you aren’t already using social media as an integral medium… Read more »

Viva Las Vegas! Collide with to grow your business

Next week, the team is headed to Las Vegas for Collision — a new type of tech conference that brings together the entrepreneurs who are building the hot startups of tomorrow and the ones that are managing the successful businesses of today. We’re all about helping small businesses grow with fast, awesome customer service,… Read more »

RECAP: Desk travels to Chicago

We felt the love from Chicago last week at the Salesforce World Tour. It was a huge success with great content, fun demos and a whole lot of energy from our awesome attendees.   We kicked off the week strong with engaging demos showcasing some of our cool and new functionalities like Desk Connect, our… Read more »

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