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5 tips for startups at Dreamforce

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You spent the dough on a Dreamforce sponsorship, a huge decision for any fast growing startup. Aligning your company with’s ecosystem can deliver a huge return on investment, but it takes work. Here are five tips from a ten year Dreamforce veteran to maximize the ROI of your trip and keep your VC partners… Read more »

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Partner Spotlight: Manage customer service and all your business apps together with the Bitium integration for

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When you’re just starting out, managing all the apps that are critical to keeping your business running can be a daunting task — especially if you don’t have dedicated IT staff and resources. And, you also need to remember multiple passwords, give new employees access to the apps they need, and keep track of app… Read more »

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The ‘Blowfish Effect’: How You Can Look Like a Big Fish in a Big Pond

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It’s a challenge many small businesses face. How do you take on big, well entrenched competitors and win? A great idea can only take you so far in today’s crowded landscape where companies of all sizes are vying for attention and many risk averse customers want to stay with a proven solution, even if it… Read more »

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Customer spotlight: 5 reasons that great customer service is in the bag for Herschel Supply

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How does a small, Vancouver-based company with just two full time agents effectively manage customer support when it sells through 5,000+ channel partners in 50 countries?  For Herschel Supply Company, which produces high quality bags and accessories, the answer is According to Samantha Peake, Online Customer Care Representative, “ is packed with useful features… Read more »

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Grow your retail business faster with

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Flash sales. Personal shopping. Subscription gifts. New online models are creating many new opportunities for small business retailers. But starting a new e-commerce business can be tough. Not only do you have to scale to meet seasonal and holiday surges, but in today’s uber-connected world there are more touch points than ever, and customers expect… Read more »

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5 tips on building an epic customer-support team

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Let’s face it: When every move your company makes can be easily amplified to thousands over the social web, you need to make every interaction with your customers exceptional. And to deliver awesome service, you need an awesome service team at your back. While your “call center” may actually be your startup’s garage, you still need to put… Read more »

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Customer spotlight: Special Dreamforce 2014 edition

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It’s the final stretch before Dreamforce and we’re thrilled to have some of the hottest startups and small businesses joining us for the big event. Whether you want to learn how to get more out of, or hear tips from your peers on growing a successful business in today’s market, here are four ways… Read more »

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