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Customer Spotlight: How DealerFire gets 1262% ROI with

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  Awesome customer service. Not only can it increase customer loyalty, but it can be a huge competitive advantage. Many startups default to a shared email inbox to manage inquiries, but savvy ones understand that a relatively small expenditure on a customer support app can have big dividends. Like DealerFire, which achieved a 1262% ROI… Read more »

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Surf’s Up for Customer Service! Share Your Story and Win a Trip to Dreamforce

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Summertime is finally here. While we’re breaking out our sunscreen and swim gear for a trip to the beach, there’s another big wave that’s picking up steam here at the wave to Dreamforce! This year at Dreamforce, we’re kicking off the first-ever Service Surfboard Awards, which will honor customers who know that providing exceptional… Read more »

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Turning Support into Marketing

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If you’re like most businesses, you have a “support” link on your website where your customers can contact you with product issues or questions. It’s likely you’ve even built out a support team trained to minimize any fallout from these problems. If that’s the case, it’s time to call everyone into the conference room and… Read more »

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6 Surprising Lessons Recruiters Have Taught Me About Customer Service

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On the surface, recruiters and customer service professionals don’t seem to have much in common. Recruiters are professional matchmakers: connecting companies and candidates to make successful hires. Customer service pros help out people who have problems with their company’s product or service. They sound nothing alike, right? Surprisingly, recruiters and customer service pros have more… Read more »

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Customer Support = The Most Important Team

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Not that long ago, customers only ever really interacted with sales staff. The internet, and the way we buy things, has changed all that. ‘Pay as you go’ is the way we are going We have started to subscribe to things, rather than buy outright now: We stream music instead of buying CDs or downloads… Read more »

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