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Putting Fast and Efficient Customer Service in the Books

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As the first and largest internet bookstore in Denmark, is no stranger to overcoming a good challenge. And it’s that entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and “full speed ahead” mentality that embodies what it truly means to be a fast-growing company. So in 2013, when decided it was time to take on another challenge and completely… Read more »

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Introducing: First Annual Customer Survey

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Companies proactively addressing the needs of the customer are the ones that are effectively growing their business. Fast-growing companies such as Fab, Hotel Tonight and SoundCloud have already taken the first step of providing excellent service and support to their customers by leveraging Today, we are excited to unveil’s first annual customer survey… Read more »

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The Importance of the Customer Lifecycle Infographic

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The proliferation of social media and mobile devices have completely changed how customers interact with a company. Today’s customers expect the best customer service and they want it from the channels they choose. The first experience your customer has with your company is critical. It can determine whether they will become a life-long customer or… Read more »

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What “House of Cards” Can Teach You About Customer Service Productivity

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A few weeks ago, the much-anticipated second season of “House of Cards” premiered on Netflix. The show details the process of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), a ruthless politician that will stop at nothing to become the President of the United States. While I don’t encourage revenge, deception or mind games, there are a few lessons… Read more »

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Why WP Valet Moved to and the Salesforce1 Platform

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We are living in an incredible new, world of amazing technologies. However with the rise of these innovative products comes the demand for a different kind of service. Today’s customer expects a 1:1 relationship with companies and they expect a consistent experience on every channel. WP Valet is a small yet, up-and-coming company  that embraces… Read more »

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New Ebook: Evolve! Grow Your Business Through Collaboration

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Editor’s Note: ”Evolve! Grow Your Business Through Collaboration”  is an eBook created by You can download the original eBook here. Collaboration between customers, managers and employees can make a huge difference when it comes to the success of a company. his kind of collaboration is especially vital for fast-growing companies that want to grow. But… Read more »


Celebrating The Stevie Awards 2014

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First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who took a moment to support our amazing Customer Wow team by voting in the Stevie Awards. So we’re excited to announce that the Wow Team won the bronze Stevie Award for “Customer Service Department of the Year – Computer Software – 100 or more Employees.” The… Read more »

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Delivering a Customer Service Experience With Personality

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The customer experience is the cornerstone of great customer service, and can change the way your entire organization is perceived by your customers and employees. While many companies seemingly understand the importance of these relationships, they don’t always know how to implement strategies to improve them. Focusing on the people, process and technology is vital… Read more »

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