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Partner Spotlight: New Formstack integration for

Having an online support presence is table stakes for today’s SMBs. Nearly every business has some type of online form that customers can fill out and ask for help. For small, fast-growing businesses, being able to capture information about your customers online and use that to prioritize your agents’ time is critical to productivity. And… Read more »

Introducing the new website

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the new website. It showcases the same characteristics that we built into the product: ease-of-use, streamlined design, and high performance. It was also designed to make it easy for anyone running a small businesses to optimize support to help build closer customer relationships and grow… Read more »

Incentivizing quality work from millennial employees

  As a small to medium-size business, there are some things that are absolutely necessary, such as paying taxes and hiring from the millennial labor pool. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials make up the largest share of the U.S. population, at 28.7 percent. By 2020, millennials will be nearly half of all workers…. Read more »

Surviving the holiday service rush in five easy steps

The holidays can be a stressful time for your customers: they’ve got gifts to buy, lights to string up, and people to fight off before they grab the last half-price flat screen TV. If you work in customer service, you’re well-versed in the frantic frenzy during the holidays. And, with business booming during the winter… Read more »

What every small business CEO needs to know about customer service

As a small business CEO, you know that starting a company can be a risky business. Customer service might feel like just another distraction when you’re trying to ship a product and make payroll, but today’s most successful startups know that offering awesome customer service can help you develop both better products and stronger relationships… Read more »

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