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Move over spreadsheets, here come dashboards

We live in a world of need it now, and the time it takes to make an important business decision can affect your bottom line. Making the right decision, isn’t good enough anymore. You have to make it quickly if you want to keep up with the pace of your business. But with so much… Read more »

Introducing the awesome new support center makes it easy for you to help customers and now we’re making it easier for you to help yourself too. With our new support center design and layout, you can quickly find helpful content organized by audience type and goal. The new support homepage is divided into four main categories: Getting Started, Agent, Admin,… Read more »

Successfully tackling customer service in the digital age

Regardless of your industry or how much experience you have, customer service will always be challenging – not impossible, but challenging. This is because you can’t possibly please everyone. In the digital age, customer service is exponentially more challenging than it’s ever been. However, by learning to utilize technology – instead of letting it lead… Read more »

5 tips that could help advance your customer service career

Today, customer service can determine how customers see your brand. So, it’s important to have an awesome support team that will help you create an everlastingly good impression to current customers and potential ones. Here are 5 tips that can help your support agents in a fast growing company so that they grow and excel…. Read more »

5 tips for small businesses to improve their SEO

Worried that creating effective SEO for your small business is tough and time consuming?  It doesn’t have to be. Here are five ways to improve your visibility with the search engines and compete more effectively with the big guys. 1. Keyword Research and Selection Make sure you are choosing keywords relevant to your business and… Read more »

5 ways to develop your brand through customer service

Most technology today is ultimately non-differentiable, making it really difficult to compete on features alone. Where does that leave us? Branding. Your brand is simply how your customers talk about you. Sure, your colors, website, messaging matter, but if you fail to align your organization’s story with your actions, even the best logo in the… Read more »

Take your business global with

Bonjour!  Hola!  Hello!  Olá!  We’re excited to announce that is offering multi-language customer support. Now we can help you on your road to service domination. It’s easier than ever for you to help customers with online help centers in 50+ languages and regional dialects including Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish and more… Read more »

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