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Celebrating The Stevie Awards 2014

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First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who took a moment to support our amazing Customer Wow team by voting in the Stevie Awards. So we’re excited to announce that the Wow Team won the bronze Stevie Award for “Customer Service Department of the Year – Computer Software – 100 or more Employees.” The… Read more »

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Delivering a Customer Service Experience With Personality

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The customer experience is the cornerstone of great customer service, and can change the way your entire organization is perceived by your customers and employees. While many companies seemingly understand the importance of these relationships, they don’t always know how to implement strategies to improve them. Focusing on the people, process and technology is vital… Read more »

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4 Support Metrics To Help You Measure Fast Customer Service

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In a world of immediate solutions and smart objects, customers are beginning to expect fast resolutions across all transactions – most notably from support experiences they have with companies. Forrester conducted a research of 7,000 US consumers with along and found that 71% of respondents said that valuing their time was the most important… Read more »

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Key Trends Facing Customer Service Organizations

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Fact: The importance of the customer experience has risen. If you’re like most fast-growing companies, the odds are good if you’re already prioritizing customer interactions and satisfaction. According to Forrester Research, 43% of organizations report a correlation between improved Agent experience and better customer satisfaction outcomes. However, many companies face challenges when it comes to… Read more »

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Customer Service Trends for 2014

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Technology has really changed the way we pretty much do everything. With the evolution of everyday technology, our behaviors, our activities, and the roles of customers have all been affected. But even with the progression of technology, one thing that hasn’t changed is this: customers don’t want to feel devalued, and the tools like those offered by… Read more »

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Introducing Postmark: A Better Way to get Email into Your Support Inbox

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Did you know that recently partnered with Postmark in order to make it even easier for you to email your customers? Postmark has applied years of experience in getting email to the inbox to give customers a better solution. They’ve removed the headaches of delivering and receiving transactional email for web applications with minimal… Read more »

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Amazing Customer Service for Non-Profits

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As a non-profit organization, you rely on volunteers and donations to support your cause. As such, delivering amazing customer service is just as imperative to ensure that you continue to receive the support your charity depends on. In fact, statistics show that 78% of those who contribute to a charity often will contribute to more… Read more »

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Introducing the Master’s Guide Series

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Like most fast-growing companies, you’ve likely managing your customer support informally, using email and other standard business productivity tools to field requests. But as your business grows, you’ve realized you need to streamline your customer support operations — and that’s where becomes essential. But before you jump in feet-first into configuring, it’s important… Read more »

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3 Things Customers LOVE About Amazing Support

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Sometimes a customer-to-company relationship can be tough love. As today’s solutions and smart objects are growing faster and more personalized, the gap between customers’ expectations and the service that they receive is widening. This Valentine’s Day, I am going to give you a hand with your customer relationships and let you know what they love… Read more »

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