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New Guide: Building a Customer Service Dream Team

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Happy employees boost the bottom line of companies by 240%. Why? Because of the simple truth — happy employees make happy customers, which results in amazing customer service.  At the end of the day, it’s about how you make people feel that matters the most. And when you build an awesome company culture that puts people first,… Read more »

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Introducing the API V2!

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We’re excited to announce our new API v2! With over 1,500 developers using our API, we’ve incorporated your feedback and updated our interface to make it more in-line with the most commonly asked-for requirements. Now, you can: Create notes on a case Create, update, and list companies Create reports Access meta data for custom… Read more »

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[Webinar Recording] The Bonobos Ninja Handbook to Customer Service

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Question #1: Give us some background on the Bonobos Ninjas Online men’s clothing retailer Bonobos has received a lot of attention for going above and beyond the call of customer service. Nicknamed “the Bonobos Ninjas,” our customer support team has discovered a distinct link between providing superior customer service and gaining a competitive advantage for our company. We… Read more »

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Convincing People to Give the Best Customer Service Experience

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Every leader at every level has a need to think about customer service.  Whether you lead a team that is talking to paying customers every day, supporting those that do, or just interacting with internal Customers, the need for customer service skills — and a customer orientation is critical.  When this subject comes up with… Read more »


Are you using Keyboard Shortcuts yet?

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Today we’re dedicating a quick blog post to a feature our power users love, Keyboard Shortcuts. A keyboard short is a magical tool for speeding up your responses. They let you complete your most frequent actions faster without moving your fingers from the keyboard to the mouse. Typically, keyboard shortcuts are a combo of… Read more »

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