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Using data to build product strategy

The term “big data” is trendy right now, but the use of data in product strategy is no fad. When building a product, a number of sources influence the decisions that ultimately help build something useful, powerful and one that truly solves a problem. Here at, data and customer feedback are key drivers in… Read more »

20 Common Service Actions That Create Negative Impacts

There are many stories of poor service on the Web and in the media that we can all relate to.  Every service executive approaches their service system with good intentions.  Why does poor service exist?  Often it is because executive focus on the big picture and miss the simple small things that alienate customers.  CCMC… Read more »

Customer Experience Metrics: How to Measure Its Effectiveness

Most of you might have heard about customer experience metrics, but how many of you know how to measure it? Survival in today’s economic climate and competitive environment needs more than just low price and innovative products. To compete effectively, businesses need to measure their success so that they could build trust with customers. Measuring… Read more »

Customer Complaints: How to Deal With Unhappy Customers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is one channel businesses can’t ignore when it comes to customer complaints. Customers are using social channels to vent about bad customer service, and they expect real responses instead of canned answers. If you don’t deliver, at a minimum, an acceptable level of customer service, it will have disastrous consequences for your business…. Read more »

The Undeniable Authority of the Social Customer

The Undeniable Authority of the Social Customer from Desk The dawn of the digital age, along with the explosive growth of social media, has forced the evolution of the buying cycle. With it has come the rise of a new customer—one that has been known to shake even the most respected of brands. Today we… Read more »

Customer Loyalty Programs: Get and Cultivate Customer Advocates

Customer loyalty programs are a popular marketing strategy designed to reward customers for continuing to patronize your business. Countless businesses rely on these programs – what’s the last time you went into a store and weren’t asked if you wanted that brand’s reward card? That’s because customer loyalty programs work and your business can benefit… Read more »

Customer Service Skills: 10 Essential Skills Every Business Needs

There are certain customer service skills that every business needs to provide great customer service. Without them, it can lead to unresolved issues or potentially losing a customer to a competitor.  Here are 10 essential customer service skills that your agents can master to improve the quality of support with your customers: 1) Empower your… Read more »

How to connect your social channels to

More than ever, your customers are following the brands they love and are talking about the things they like and hate on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe your company’s social media strategy includes proactive marketing campaigns to spark conversations, but how are you dealing with conversations gone bad, especially complaints and problems that need customer support?… Read more »

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