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Panorama9 and A panoramic view of all things IT

Are you an IT problem child? How often do you run into issues with your computer and need your IT department to bail you out? If you’re anything like me,  you probably have your favorite IT support person on speed dial. Or even know their number by heart. Technologically-challenged people like us don’t always realize… Read more »

5 simple customer service rules for every startup

Great customer service is at the core of every successful business, especially for startups. This is because what they lack in brand recognition and resources, they make up in exceptional customer services. At Tenantify, we have learned from the playbooks of many successful startups, and strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Here are the five… Read more »

Show us your desk!

Calling all customers!  Share how you use and you could win a $100 Amazon gift card. We want to see anything and everything — your support center, your support team (bring out those ninjas, Bonobos!), a screenshot of your self-service support center, the desk where you first set up —you get… Read more »

Dear mom, you were right all along 

If you were like me in high school, you rolled your eyes at everything your parents said. I mean, really? Why can’t I wear jeans with holes in them? It’s only now that I have a career and family of my own that I realize how awesome most of my mom’s little nuggets of advice… Read more »

How branding boosts customer loyalty

A business is an extension of human talent and innovation and has a personality that is distinctive and authentic. As our singularity shows through our face, dress and attitude – a company’s identity shows through its brand. The more you invest in your customer’s brand experience, the more hearts it will help you win. From… Read more »

Monthly product recap – April’s greatest hits!

Welcome to our April Product Recap! It’s been a busy month here at since we’ve been hard at work delivering the features that our customers have been asking for. Check out the new Case Merge, Link, and Split feature, the enhancements to our JIRA integration, and an extra piece of multilingual magic. Case Merge,… Read more »

5 must-have characteristics of an all-star support rep

We’ve all dealt with support representatives at the companies we work with at some point or another. Some support experiences are delightful, while others can be downright infuriating. Hiring the right people as support reps for your company can have an enormous impact on your customers’ attitude and the overall well-being of your business. These… Read more »

Turn up the temperature on CSAT with Customer Thermometer

How many times have you actually opted in to take a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey after calling into a support rep or sending an email for help? Chances are, your answer to this question is, “Never”. After all, as modern day consumers, we expect a quick and easy customer service experience that doesn’t require answering… Read more »

Amp up your productivity with case link, merge, and split!

Today, is super excited to announce a triumvirate of features our customers have been patiently waiting for. Take your productivity to the next level with the ability to Split, Merge, and Link Cases! Now you can spend less time on repetitive work, and more time focused on the issues you’re actually trained to resolve…. Read more »

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