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The next generation of is here!

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce the next generation of — the future of customer service for fast-growing companies. Modern customer service happens at the speed of now, and we know how important it is to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. Next Generation features a comprehensive package of features that make… Read more »

3 ways to wow your customers with outstanding support

The internet has drastically changed the way customers and companies interact. Once upon a time, customers needed to call a helpdesk or mail a physical letter to get a response from a company. Now they have numerous ways to immediately voice their approval or disapproval of a company. With Twitter, Facebook, email and even YouTube,… Read more »

Be a (data) hero for your customers with amazing service

In the world of customer service, it’s always great to know when your support team has had a positive impact on a customer’s experience. Sometimes customers even look to support agents as their heroes! Like when they typed in the incorrect password to their iTunes account one too many times, or accidentally booked the Presidential… Read more »

3 tips for small teams to provide big support

You don’t need a large support team to provide an outstanding customer experience. Surprised? Customers no longer require phone contact for all support requests, fundamentally changing the support function at companies large and small. With new, leveraged channels, smaller teams can scale without growing headcount. Easier said than done? Here are three approaches that support… Read more »

Retail customer spotlight: Susty Party — 4 ways the small business makes every customer feel like a special guest

Susty Party doesn’t compromise on anything. They make compostable tableware in partnership with non-profit factories that employ the visually-impaired. All their products are made fromrenewable or sustainable materials, but are colorful and party-ready for people who want to be stylish but care for the environment. Although they have only a handful of employees, Susty Party… Read more »

Why you should let your sales people do support

Sales and support are often not the best of friends. But there’s a real opportunity to improve the understanding between these two parts of your organization and as a result boost your sales team’s performance. One of the key pieces of advice is to let your sales team do customer support for a couple of… Read more »

Top 4 customer service tips for ecommerce companies

It’s hard to overstate the importance of customer service in converting leads to buyers, and then buyers to loyal brand fans. Of course, your products or services for sale matter too – but they won’t flourish without a boost from high quality customer care at every step along the sales funnel. Put these four tips… Read more »

Make sure you say thank you

One of my first jobs out of college was as a support team leader at Oracle. I was hired by a woman named Kathy Lindsey. Fresh out of college and without a lick of management experience, I learned so much from Kathy, who was one of the most inspiring leaders I have ever met. I… Read more »

Top 5 best practices for automating customer service

Everything is automated these days from your social life to making dinner reservations, so why should customer service be any different? Automated customer service is any way of getting customer service by automated means. This can be information garnered from a website (like a company’s FAQ page) to those 800 numbers that have you pressing… Read more »

Retail customer spotlight: 4 ways One Kings Lane offers luxe customer service

For luxury goods customers, exceptional customer service is always in style. These customers expect fast, personalized, multi-channel service as part of their purchase. One Kings Lane, an online marketplace that carries a spectacular collection of top-brand, designer, and vintage items, is known for its outstanding service and high levels of customer satisfaction. Here are 4… Read more »

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