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How to turn your FAQs into valuable knowledge base articles

With online and mobile applications being more popular than ever, there’s a plethora of useful tools available to small businesses and do-it-yourselfers. If you have a specific problem, a simple Google search will usually put you on the right track for finding a solution. Once you actually find the tool you need to solve your… Read more »

4 inspirational quotes for the 4th of July

As America celebrates its Independence Day this weekend, we wanted to reflect on a group of people who had the foresight and leadership to shape the nation: our Founding Fathers. These political leaders and statesmen were passionate, dedicated and innovative—qualities we still value today in our leaders. And while most of us will celebrate by… Read more »

Customer spotlight: How DealerFire gets 1262% ROI with

  Awesome customer service. Not only can it increase customer loyalty, but it can be a huge competitive advantage. Many startups default to a shared email inbox to manage inquiries, but savvy ones understand that a relatively small expenditure on a customer support app can have big dividends. Like DealerFire, which achieved a 1262% ROI… Read more »

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