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Turn Your Company Culture From “I” to “We”

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Editor’s Note: Last month Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™, shared her twenty-five years of experience in The 15 Essential Beliefs for a Culture of Customer Service Excellence. Now she turns her attention to overcoming hidden obstacles to a building company culture of teamwork.  Most leaders today believe in a “we” culture. They have read the… Read more »

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Q&A: Bubble Gum Interactive Shares How They Use Games to Create a Better Customer Experience

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Editor’s Note: In the month of March, we have been sharing ways you can strengthen your support team to get more effective results by hiring, training and motivating your employees. We asked our customer Paul Gray, CMO of Bubble Gum Interactive, to share how interactive experiences achieve specific business goals in learning and customer service. … Read more »

Best Practices, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Thought Leadership

How to Use Support Roles for Customer Development

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If I asked you who in your organization was responsible for customer development, what would you say? The sales team? Maybe your product marketing people? If you were an established company in a clearly-defined industry, that might be an appropriate answer. But as a startup, you couldn’t be more off. It’s your customer support team that are… Read more »

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Recognizing a Businesses Need for Gamification

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The best games are those that build to a larger goal, but also reward players for milestones along the way. In the beginning, it was the classic boss battle — a challenging fight at the end of each level or stage — but now, with the incredible commercial success and advancement of games technologies, players… Read more »

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The Best Customer Service Quotes You Should Hang in Your Office

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Customer service is tough in any industry. However, companies and organizations that provide amazing service to every customer have a clear competitive advantage. Unlike differentiators of quality, innovation or price, great customer service is a differentiator that can’t be bought; it’s a competitive advantage that can only be earned. Not only can improving customer experience provide a… Read more »

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