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3 Common Customer Service Mistakes You Can Fix

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Think back to the last time you called customer service. Usually you call because something’s gone wrong, you don’t understand what has happened, or you do understand exactly what’s gone wrong and you are not happy. When your issue was solved, how did you feel? Did the process end with your anger diffused, your problem… Read more »

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Social Media and Customer Service: Listening to Your Customers Matters

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One of the best ways to use social media and customer service is to listen to your customers. Treat each piece of information as a gift, because that’s exactly what it is. You’re getting valuable insight straight from the people who matter most – your customers. Avoid A Crisis You can avoid a crisis by… Read more »

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Case Deletion is here!

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You’ve been asking for it, and it’s finally here! With our latest product release, we’ve added the ability to permanently delete cases from your system! Get rid of spam, delete those test cases, and generally clean up your system so you can deliver the most efficient customer service yet with So, how does it… Read more »

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Are You Listening: The Voice of the Internal Customer

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Hank Brigman has many years of experience sharing methodologies, tips and best practices on customer service. This is part of  a series he’s shared with from his upcoming book TOUCHPOiNT Power. To serve your customers well, you have to find out if your departments actually function together or if their relationships are more dysfunctional than those… Read more »

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Striking the Balance: Quantitative and Anecdotal Evidence Combine to Tell the Whole Story

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A core component of any support role is the ability to distill customer communications into informative and actionable information for the rest of your company. Unfortunately, it’s been my experience that this type of information is profoundly underused when it comes to allocating engineering resources in the software development vertical — particularly when it comes… Read more »

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Social Customer Care: Your Brand and Marketing Differentiator

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You’ve already got the “secret” weapon for new customer acquisition — it’s called customer service. But your customer service team is now treading in what used to be marketing territory, because of the explosion of social media. Customer care is your new brand and marketing differentiator. Social networks have radically changed the customer life cycle… Read more »

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