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Handling a Social Media Crisis: What To Do When Tweeting Goes Bad

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It’s a well-known, however ironic, fact that people think more highly of companies providing top-notch customer service than those companies that they’ve never had an issue with. While you’d never want to create an artificial incident just for the chance to respond, opening up, in detail, about exactly what occurred behind the scenes when a real incident has occurred can often lead to better brand recognition and customer loyalty.

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Exceptional Customer Service: No Heroics Necessary

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Your last Employee of the Month award went to a customer service rep who spent hours looking through call logs and scribbled notes to reconstruct a case history. Then she stayed late to do Web searches and email colleagues for answers. Finally she was able to cobble together a resolution at the last minute that satisfied a good customer and kept his firm loyal. A heroic effort like that is something to celebrate—as long as it’s really, really rare. If it happens regularly, you’ve got a problem.

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5 Super Heroes Who Make Excellent Customer Service Agents

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Customer service agents are like superheroes. They use their powers for good, they live by a strong moral code and they have a motivation that has led them to be who they are. But what if your customer support team had actual superheroes to solve real problems? By day they are mild mannered individuals handling customer support cases, by night they are setting the most monstrous customer service situations right. Here are the top 5 superheroes that you should recruit for your support team.

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Your Global Workforce: The Good, the Bad and the Best

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Whether in staff selection or ongoing management, take deliberate steps to slow things down and over-communicate. Although face–to-face is always the best way to build a relationship with staff members, videoconferencing also enables participants to pick up nonverbal communication cues. Build time into formal and informal meetings to allow for a little fun and to get to know each other better. These informal exchanges build rapport and tend to happen naturally when staff is co-located. To get the same results with your global team, be intentional about creating time and space for informal communications to flourish. It is worth the effort: studies report that dispersed teams, when carefully staffed and developed, provided good processes and tools can perform even better than co-located teams[1]!

Product Updates, Using Unveils Multilingual Customer Support – Now Any Business Can Easily Support Global Customers

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On June 6 is releasing a major, new feature for all customers — Multilingual Customer Support. With Multilingual Customer Support, teams will be able to communicate with and deliver superior customer service to their customers in their preferred languages. will support communications in 39 languages and regional dialects, including Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and more.


For Small Business Week: Practical Tips for Transforming into a Social Enterprise

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Businesses of all sizes are facing massive demand for customer service. Customers are appearing everywhere, on all the channels. They’re talking to you and about you everywhere, and they expect answers quickly and on the channels they like. But the good news is that it’s now an affordable prospect for SMBs to address the opportunities that come from being a social enterprise. Affordable, cloud-based, on-demand tools are available and plentiful. It’s never been easier to meet or exceed the abilities of on-premise software at much higher pricepoints.

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