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20 “Tweetable Tips” To Get You Started With Self-Service Support

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In today’s world of speed, immediate solutions and interconnectivity, customers expect their questions to be resolved in a matter of hours. Fast-growing companies are feeling the brunt of these expectations as they try and meet the demand of their rapidly growing customer base with limited personnel. But there is a way to reduce incoming cases… Read more »

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Customer Service Principles from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

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Dreamforce was a memorable week for Salesforce as CEO, Marc Benioff and his team announced the future of cloud computing with Salesforce1. However, as bright as the spotlight was on amazing, new product, the discussion between Marc Benioff and Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer was a truly unforgettable experience. Prior to Yahoo, Marissa Mayer was Vice… Read more »

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Grow Your Business With Customer Service

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Customer service has evolved considerably over the years – from single channel call centers to multichannel contact centers with the emergence of cloud technologies and onward to customer engagement hubs with the proliferation of social channels.  Now, customer service has gone mobile with well over 1.4BN smartphones in the world today, rising to over 4BN… Read more »

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Announcing Next Generation Business Insights for

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At, we have always believed in providing our customers with cutting edge, industry leading functionality – from an out-of-the-box setup, to an intuitive superfast agent interface.  Today, we are excited to announce New Business Insights,’s next generation Reporting and Analytics. is the only customer service application on the market today to offer… Read more »

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4 Creative Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Knowledge Base

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Knowledge bases are worthless if nobody is using them – that’s why you need to focus on driving traffic to your site. Not only that, if you’re not focusing on getting customers to your site, chances are you’re probably not thinking about self-service much to begin with. Once you have selected your customer support solution… Read more »

Company Updates Customer Wow Team Nominated for a Stevie

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We have the privilege of working with amazing companies that value the importance of customer support.  These companies understand how a customer’s experience can make or break the success of their business.  The support teams at these special companies wow their customers by responding quickly, providing insightful answers and by going the extra mile, ultimately… Read more »

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Tips on Getting Started With Knowledge Base Content for Your Online Support Center

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A knowledge base is the most critical part of your online support center. However, everyone that has experience in customer service understands that creating knowledge base content is a daunting task. Endless Excel docs, ongoing customer interviews and especially hours upon hours of research and documentation. However, with a streamlined process and good management, it can become a little… Read more »

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ParkWhiz Provides Amazing Customer Service By Obsessing Over the Customer

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Meet ParkWhiz! These tech wiz’s out of Chicago are making parking suck a little less each day. Here to tell their story as it pertains to is Mason Pain, a Customer Experience Manager. ParkWhiz is an organization of 20 people dedicated to reducing the hassle of your everyday parking needs. Our website, and mobile… Read more »

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Turn Support Agents Into Holiday Heroes By Triaging Cases

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One of the biggest mistakes you can make during the holidays is not providing a process for your support team to efficiently and effectively handle all of your incoming cases. Unfortunately, an inbox full of hundreds of customer inquiries that grows by the hour has the ability to slow any agent down. An effective process… Read more »

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