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Mobile apps – A worthy business perk for SMBs?

In 2014, mobile internet usage surpassed the use of fixed home internet usage. Today, mobile apps are undeniably an important part of mainstream marketing. Businesses must enter the mobile app market to keep up with their competition. However, developing an app is a complex process. Businesses must understand the user experience and the effect the… Read more »

Socially awkward: Social customer service in the trenches

Social customer service is a capability that companies realize needs to be part of their customer service strategy. In the press there are stories of great service delivered through social channels, as well as horror stories of companies that have made serious mistakes in those channels. This article looks at social customer service that was… Read more »

Small Business Spotlight: How awesome customer service helps iZettle grow a global business

It used to be that you needed insane amounts of money or well-heeled backers to take on a well-established competitor. Today, small businesses all over the world are using inexpensive cloud-based technologies and social networks to challenge the status quo. Europe’s leading mobile payments company, iZettle, provides game changing tools that help these small businesses… Read more »

Always remember: Customer service is NOT a cost center

As a Account Executive, I have the privilege of speaking to C-level executives about their business’ customer service on a daily basis. While many businesses do see the importance of investing in the department, there is one common objection I hear over and over again: “Customer service is a cost center.” It’s time to… Read more »

3 customer service lessons from Amazon and Jeff Bezos

When you think about customer service in the digital age, it’s hard to ignore Amazon and its innovative founder, Jeff Bezos. In fact, if you’re looking for a few lessons that can be applied to your own business, Amazon and Bezos provide a wealth of examples on how to do it the right way. After… Read more »

5 super easy tips to make your support processes more human.

Edit the default Snippets and Auto-Acknowledgement Subject. Desk gives you complete control over your Auto-Acknowledgements. This includes the look and feel, but also the wording of the Body and Subject. If you need to use Auto-Acknowledgements it’s always good to give this your own voice, and is super easy to do. It’s always good to… Read more »

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