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Five scrappy strategies to generate buzz at Dreamforce

For many Bay Area startups, Dreamforce is the ideal venue for connecting with customers, prospects and partners. It is the largest software conference on earth and is attended by people from 78 countries around the world. If you have opted out of being a sponsor or exhibitor, there are still plenty of opportunities to increase… Read more »

Six things to do to get ready for Dreamforce

It isn’t like any other conference. With 1,500+ sessions, 135,000+ attendees, and 500+ cloud computing partners, Dreamforce is the world’s biggest technology gathering. This year there’s even a cruise ship for overflow housing! With so much to see and do, fitting it all in can be a challenge, so if you want to make the… Read more »

How to close the digital gap in customer self-service

The prospect of self-service can evoke mixed emotions in some customer service departments. On one hand, allowing customers to serve themselves—finding answers to common questions and solutions to common problems—takes away some of the burden of the customer service representative. On the other hand, it means sacrificing some degree of control over the situation. This problem… Read more »

3 startups who get customer support right

3 startups who get customer support right Sometimes it seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same. A new generation of startups like HotelTonight, Munchery, and Rent the Runway are changing the game by delivering a new spin on a traditional service  — but awesome customer service is still critical. Today’s… Read more »

Join Club Desk at Dreamforce

If you’ve been thinking about how to improve your customer service and support operations, you’re in luck—Dreamforce is nearly here, and it’s the perfect place to join Club Desk! What’s Club Desk, you ask? Only the fastest, easiest, absolute best-est way to deliver the kind of customer service 5-star reviews are made of. Customers today… Read more »

How to bring strategy into your leadership methodology

Although this Fortune article is 16 years old, it’s main message still holds true. The article focused on the one thing that leads to failure on the part of a CEO and it’s not their vision or intelligence. The reason is a lack of strategic direction that impacts that fabric of leadership. As the article states, “Yes, strategy… Read more »

Be a part of the first-ever Startup Summit at Dreamforce

Walt Disney once said, “If you dream it, you can do it.” And we agree! That’s why we’re proud to bring you this year’s new Startup Summit, a powerful event to help startups build, grow, and give back. This event just for startups is two days packed with education and inspiration, featuring breakthrough speakers, must-have… Read more »

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