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Howdy, partners! has joined the Salesforce Partner Program

Today we’re super excited to announce that is now a part of the Salesforce Partner Program. If you’re already one of Salesforce’s awesome partners, you can become even awesomer by earning Preferred Partner status. So giddy up! To become a Preferred Partner, go to our page in the Salesforce Partner community here…. Read more »

Getting the most out of support data is a no brainer for Udemy

One of the most valuable things about a customer support solution is that it can give you actionable data. Who wouldn’t want to make better decisions? Udemy, a leading online education marketplace is all about learning, so using information from to improve their business is a no brainer. Here’s how they do it: Track… Read more »

Dolly Parton, customer service role model

A velvet portrait of Diana Ross watches over the management team. When times are crazy we’re inspired by her quiet sophistication. The walls of our engineering area are decorated with life-size cardboard cutouts of Luke, Leia, Han Solo, and C3PO to remind them of great teamwork. At we get inspiration from a lot… Read more »

10 customer service stats and what they mean for your contact center

  Businesses can pour money into elaborate advertising campaigns, but bad customer service can undo all that hard work instantly. Excellent customer service can be as good (and often better) for your brand than a well-orchestrated PR campaign: get your customers to do the talking for you! Great service also determines whether your existing customers… Read more »

New App Hub integrations to extend customer service across your small business

Last November, we introduced the App Hub to make it even easier for any fast-growing SMB to connect to their other business apps. We launched the App Hub with over 50 partner integrations including apps for e-commerce management, online chat, telephony systems, and more, to help customers extend their service offerings. Since then, we’ve… Read more »

8 things your support team should never say to customers

There are things that we’re all taught not to say. Don’t mention an old flame in front of a new spouse. Never ask an older woman her age, or a younger one if she’s pregnant. Don’t ask about someone’s salary, shoe size, or anything to do with their romantic life. Even support agents, who earn… Read more » highest rated… by you!

Here at our mantra is “fast, awesome customer service”, and in order to deliver this to you, we listen to your feedback. We rely on your insights to consistently improve and create relevant product features in order to help your growing business needs. “ has enabled us to reduce response times from four days… Read more »

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