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Why I’m thankful (to work at

Since it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, we wanted to give thanks for our awesome team and company. We asked 4 people on the team (a representative from marketing, sales, product management and support) to answer the question: “Why are you thankful to work at” Sara Varni, VP of Marketing If you aren’t having fun at… Read more »

Introducing the App Hub – Your one-stop shop for connected customer service that grows with your business

At, many of our customers are small, fast-growing companies who know that putting customer service at the center of their businesses can be a competitive differentiator against larger companies. And when you connect your customer service help desk system to other business apps, it can be a tremendous driver of growth. Unfortunately, most SMBs… Read more »

Remember – You’re making someone’s holiday!

“You have to have one last pair of tan Uggs in a size 7. YOU. HAVE. TO.” This type of request was a refrain I heard several times daily during the Christmas rush working in the Women’s Shoes department at Nordstrom. As soon as the Uggs shipments hit the sales floor, it was chaos –… Read more »

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