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Turn Support Agents Into Holiday Heroes By Triaging Cases

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One of the biggest mistakes you can make during the holidays is not providing a process for your support team to efficiently and effectively handle all of your incoming cases. Unfortunately, an inbox full of hundreds of customer inquiries that grows by the hour has the ability to slow any agent down. An effective process… Read more »

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3 Amazing, New Top-Requested Features

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At, our product team works hard to serve the needs of the customer. After months of gathering feedback, our developers have gone above and beyond to build the tools our customers have been asking for. This week, we’re bringing you a triple whammy of three top-requested features. We are pleased to announce: Label Color… Read more »

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The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Join This Week at Dreamforce

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It’s that time of year again. That beautiful, glorious time of year when San Francisco swells with thousands of people from all over the globe coming together to interact and innovate the future of all industries. For, this is a pinnacle time in our company’s history as we launch several releases, never before seen… Read more »

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Handle Cases While Waiting in Line for Your Pumpkin Spice Latte

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The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a fall favorite for all Starbucks junkies. With the release of this delicious, caffeinated drink comes the exodus of all coffee lovers and the never-ending, long waits in line. Don’t worry though, those long lines you dread could also be a great time spent managing some cases. If you… Read more »

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7 Ways Customers Can Improve Agent Productivity Before Black Friday

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We know it’s only October but believe it or not, the Holiday Rush is right around the corner. For most retailers, once the clock strikes midnight on Black Friday, they will constantly be racing against an unforgiving clock to solve every holiday customer question. This is why there is no better time of year than to pull… Read more »

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3 Ways to Provide Amazing Customer Service During the Holiday Rush

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Due to the ecommerce boom over the past couple decades, retailers are facing an even more competitive holiday landscape as aggressive discounts and free shipping deals have become a holiday standard. The biggest differentiator your company has to offer – in this high-stakes time of year- is providing customers with an amazing, personalized customer service… Read more »

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