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Your Crystal Ball for Customer Actions: New Preact Integration for

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What if you could predict the future? Would you change your stock portfolio? Bet big on the superbowl? Find a new girlfriend? If you’re the CEO of a fast-growing startup and your number one goal is to acquire customers and keep them happy, being able to predict their behavior after they log a customer service… Read more »

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Happy Memorial Day!

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Memorial Day is a day to respect and remember the sacrifices of those who served our country. It also marks the unofficial start of summer. So to celebrate today we thought we would call out some of our wonderful customers who can help you kick off the new season in style… EventBrite: Customize an event… Read more »

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Five Successful Startups Share Their Secrets for Success

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Have you ever wondered what the secret is behind some of today’s most successful businesses? How did companies like State Farm and Amazon grow from small startups with a simple idea to become the powerhouses they are today? Two words: Customer service. For entrepreneurs that are acting as the CEO, CTO, COO and C-Everything else… Read more »

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5 Startups That Get Customer Service Right

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Nordstrom. Zappos. USAA. Everyone knows these classic cases of customer service success. But did you know that there’s a whole new generation of startups successfully using customer service to build loyalty and grow their businesses, fast? Meet some of today’s customer service superstars: Asana  At Asana, which makes tools to help businesses manage tasks and projects… Read more »

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Service Disruptor Webinar: How ZenPayroll Uses to Fuel Exceptional Growth!

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Last week I spoke with ZenPayroll, a web-based application for managing payroll for small sized companies, on how they are using for their customer service in order to fuel their company and product growth. ZenPayroll is on pace to process a billion dollars in payroll transactions at the end of the year and they… Read more »

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