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Small Business Spotlight: How Sticker Mule differentiates its business with awesome customer service

Some of today’s most successful startups are taking on traditional industries by offering better customer experiences.  Just look at Luxe, Munchery, and Hotel Tonight. While car service, travel booking, and food delivery aren’t new offerings, these startups have faster, more convenient offerings and high quality experiences that are a big hit with consumers. Another company… Read more »

Lessons learned from “Project: Day in the Life”

Picture this. You’re a small business or startup that has planned and planned and planned and finally you have an amazing customer service or sales process. You can’t wait to implement this new process and start getting customer feedback like, “Your support representative was so quick!,” or “Your sales representative was extremely informative!” and especially,… Read more »

Startups: Think Big. Think Dreamforce.

At, we’re all about helping startups and small businesses fuel their growth with fast, awesome customer service. This year at Dreamforce, we’re thrilled to be part of a brand new experience designed specifically for startups. The Startup Summit is all about entrepreneurship, energy and inspiration. You’ll learn directly from 50+ startup experts, network and share… Read more »

Three Secrets to Customer Service Success for SMBs

Successful SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) can clearly answer this fundamental question very early on: What do we care about most? And, while many SMBs are focused on acquiring new customers, keeping new customers is actually more important. In fact, SocialMediaToday references several studies that state acquiring a new customer is 5-10x more expensive, so… Read more »

Three ways GoSquared moves ahead with total company support

To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive environment, startups need to make sure that everyone in their company is committed to customer success. By having every employee from the receptionist to the CEO help with customer support even small companies can offer awesome experiences and drive business success. Just ask GoSquared. The fast-growing company makes an easy-to-use… Read more »

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