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6 surprising lessons recruiters have taught me about customer service

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On the surface, recruiters and customer service professionals don’t seem to have much in common. Recruiters are professional matchmakers: connecting companies and candidates to make successful hires. Customer service pros help out people who have problems with their company’s product or service. They sound nothing alike, right? Surprisingly, recruiters and customer service pros have more… Read more »

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Customer support = the most important team

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Not that long ago, customers only ever really interacted with sales staff. The internet, and the way we buy things, has changed all that. ‘Pay as you go’ is the way we are going We have started to subscribe to things, rather than buy outright now: We stream music instead of buying CDs or downloads… Read more »

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Retail customer spotlight: BarkBox — 3 tips on providing “pawesome” customer service with personality

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When your customers (and even some of your co-workers) have four legs, like to play fetch and will do just about anything for a belly rub, it’s no surprise that a place like BarkBox is overflowing with personality. As a monthly subscription service that delivers a box of treats, toys and other goodies to dog… Read more »

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The next generation of is here!

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Today, we are incredibly excited to announce the next generation of — the future of customer service for fast-growing companies. Modern customer service happens at the speed of now, and we know how important it is to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. Next Generation features a comprehensive package of features that make… Read more »

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3 ways to wow your customers with outstanding support

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The internet has drastically changed the way customers and companies interact. Once upon a time, customers needed to call a helpdesk or mail a physical letter to get a response from a company. Now they have numerous ways to immediately voice their approval or disapproval of a company. With Twitter, Facebook, email and even YouTube,… Read more »

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Be a (data) hero for your customers with amazing service

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In the world of customer service, it’s always great to know when your support team has had a positive impact on a customer’s experience. Sometimes customers even look to support agents as their heroes! Like when they typed in the incorrect password to their iTunes account one too many times, or accidentally booked the Presidential… Read more »

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