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Customer spotlight: How GiveForward uses to always be there for customers

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Taking care of customers is important for every organization, but it’s GiveForward’s whole reason for being. The online fundraising platform has enabled thousands of people to raise millions of dollars online for general medical expenses, cancer treatment, transplants, funeral costs, and disaster relief. With help from, GiveForward offers a level of service that’s beyond… Read more »

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Everything I know about customer service, I learned from waiting tables

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If you’ve ever worked in a service industry, you know that it can be a formative experience. Recently, a friend and I got to talking about what our early restaurant jobs taught us about delivering great customer service—and, really, about life and work in general. Here are 10 of our top takeaways from waiting tables, each… Read more »

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5 things startups should avoid

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According to Forbes—and numerous studies—between 80 and 90 percent of startups fail. Some of these were backed by passionate entrepreneurs, were filled with successful business people with years of experience, and some of them even had millions in funding from the get go. What went wrong? While there are nuances in every story, the fact… Read more »

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See customer insights in your live chat with ClickDesk integration

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Instant messaging has come a long way since the early days of AOL Instant Messeger and ICQ. In its day, AIM was a revolutionary concept that ushered in a new world of real-time communication via the Internet. For the first time you could have a conversation with someone and get all your questions answered, right… Read more »

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What I wish I knew when I started my company

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It’s not often that you hit the ball out of the ballpark on your first swing, and all too often, the learning curve for entrepreneurs can be painful and expensive. I was a core part of the founding team of three companies before my fourth, Assistly, was purchased by and relaunched as To say I learned… Read more »

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Customer spotlight: How WP Valet takes care of customers with

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In Downton Abbey times, a valet was a servant that attended to a gentleman’s every need, making sure that every aspect of his day went well from when he got up in the morning until he closed his eyes at night. Today, WP Valet tries to offer the same high level of attentiveness to its… Read more »

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Maximize the value of self-service

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The Sales Engineering team will be posting monthly to the blog in an effort to share best practices and industry trends with our customer base. As SEs, we are fortunate to work with hundreds of exciting customers and prospects to see what can be accomplished with This is the first monthly post and… Read more »

Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Product Updates, Using helps Android users take care of business

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Small companies can’t afford to leave their business behind when they’re on the road. Now Android users can offer fast, awesome customer service from anywhere with the Android app. You can stay on top of customer issues, collaborate with your team, and track and quickly respond to cases. It’s that easy and it’s always… Read more »

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Your secret resource to get a better product: Customer service

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Today’s small businesses know that agility is the name of the game. With the popularity of the Lean Startup methodology, entrepreneurs no longer launch fully built-out products with the hope that customers will use them. Instead, they “ship” the minimum viable product (MVP), a barebones version that gets the insights they need to iterate and deliver… Read more »

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5 strategies for not making customer service hard for your customers

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Customer service doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. In fact, what if you were so proactive with your service that you were able to delight customers before they could even become disappointed? Or, when they do become disappointed, if you could react so quickly and effectively that you can delight them straight away? Before we talk about… Read more »

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