Learn customer support strategies from our customers, partners, and expert bloggers.

Three tips to optimize your multilingual support

Offering great customer service is a goal of any growing business. Providing great customer service to an expanding customer base is a tough challenge to say the least, but when your customers speak different languages across different time-zones this challenge is compounded. Thankfully there are tools at your disposal to thrive where your competition may… Read more »

9 tips for writing a great customer testimonial

Showing customer success is a key tactic for many small businesses. It builds credibility in the marketplace when potential customers can see that other, successful companies are using your products and achieving great results. But too often, testimonials are filled with marketing gobbledygook. Or don’t tell an interesting story. Here are nine tips that will… Read more »

Customer Spotlight: How GiveForward goes beyond customer service to personal coaching

GiveForward is an online fundraising and donation platform that allows friends and family to support a loved one going through a medical crisis. Erica Alhorn, Director of User Relations and Fundraising Coach, talks to us about GiveForward’s unique approach to customer support. Can you tell us about GiveForward’s approach to customer service? Our philosophy is… Read more »

6 things you need to know about offering global support

Booming sales and global expansion are every entrepreneur’s dream, but if you want your move into additional markets to be successful, you need to have customer service in place in advance. It takes more than just hiring a few multi-lingual agents or extending your team’s hours to take your support global. As an executive for, Salesforce’s… Read more »

10 tips for excellent phone support etiquette

As more and more companies adopt a customer-centric focus, customer expectations for service have increased. As a result, customer support quality has quickly become a differentiating factor between a company’s success and failure. Companies must therefore optimize their phone support quality in order to increase customer satisfaction and long-term survival. This blog post will help… Read more »

SMBs are made for social. Social is made for SMBs.

Ten years ago, social media was reserved for college students tucked away in their dorm rooms.  Today though, nearly 80% of internet users are consistently active on social media networks.   Not only is social media a powerful tool to connect with friends and family, it can also transform your small business into a medium one… Read more »

5 expert tips for starting out on

Here at, part of our WOW team are customer solutions consultants who have the unique opportunity to work with customers early on in the set-up and configuration process. Over numerous engagements, they have learned a ton from our customers around getting their customer support up and running. We asked our WOW team solutions… Read more »

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