Learn customer support strategies from our customers, partners, and expert bloggers.

3 reasons why the phone is here to stay

With the rise of social media and other channels your customers can use to reach out to you, is providing phone support still important?  Let’s also keep in mind that of all of the support channels, phone is the most expensive in terms of resources.  This is because while an Agent is on a phone… Read more »

Learn how Gourmet Ads reduced customer inquiries by 80%

Keeping up with customer inquiries can be difficult for a fast-growing business — especially if you’re expanding around the globe. Gourmet Ads, an online platform that manages advertising for 1,200+ food websites, needed an easy way to scale service to its advertiser and publisher customers as it grew.  Here’s how helps: Provides an integrated… Read more »

Join us for the first ever Startup Summit!

It’s important for every business to prioritize its customers—but for startups, it’s crucial. Fortunately, creating an exceptional service experience is something startups can do with just small investments in resources and time, and the resulting ROI is worth it. After all, everyone appreciates the value of a good service interaction. Join us for the afternoon… Read more »

More ways to use the productivity tools and insights you already love

Updated Segmentation Report An enhancement of our existing Segmentation Report functionality in Business Insights. Previously, users were able to select one segment (e.g. channel, group, agent) over the fixed segment of time. Now, our customers can select two variable segments, rather than being restricted to time. For example, labels over country, or macros by agent;… Read more »

Mobile apps – A worthy business perk for SMBs?

In 2014, mobile internet usage surpassed the use of fixed home internet usage. Today, mobile apps are undeniably an important part of mainstream marketing. Businesses must enter the mobile app market to keep up with their competition. However, developing an app is a complex process. Businesses must understand the user experience and the effect the… Read more »

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