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How to make sure your customer service team is efficient

Business Insights within has a lot of really cool metrics to give you a view into your support organization.  There are some obviously useful metrics like Created Cases, Resolved Cases, and Average Time to Resolution.  Today I would like to point out three really cool metrics to help you gauge the efficiency of your… Read more »

The 3 CSAT measures

In the world of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), there are three very different measurements: How a customer feels about a company. How a customer feels about one or all of the products or services the company makes or provides. How the customer feels about the interaction he or she just had with the company (e.g. a… Read more »

3 unlikely service phrases that make customers unbelievably happy

Making your customers happy and providing stellar customer service is easier than ever before, and you don’t need an army of service agents to do it. And satisfaction isn’t the only benefit; those happy customers have the potential to add to your company’s bottom line, too. Fortunately, there are some smart and easy-to-implement solutions available… Read more »

Four ways SmartRecruiters is intelligent about customer service

The most successful startups know that customer support is more than just a checkbox item. When you’re intelligent about how you offer service, it can be an invaluable tool for building closer connections with customers, proactively identifying business issues, and improving your product offerings. SmartRecruiters, a one-stop shop cloud platform that helps companies find and… Read more »

Barkbox named winner of the 2014 Customer Experience Innovation Award

We’re thrilled to announce that our “pawesome” customer, Barkbox, is the winner of the 2014 Customer Experience Innovation Award winner presented by TMC’s CUSTOMER magazine. This award recognizes best-in-class companies setting the standard in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Rich Tehrani, Ceo of TMC said, “Congratulations to Barkbox for being named a winner of the 2014 Customer… Read more »

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