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Always remember: Customer service is NOT a cost center

As a Account Executive, I have the privilege of speaking to C-level executives about their business’ customer service on a daily basis. While many businesses do see the importance of investing in the department, there is one common objection I hear over and over again: “Customer service is a cost center.” It’s time to… Read more »

3 customer service lessons from Amazon and Jeff Bezos

When you think about customer service in the digital age, it’s hard to ignore Amazon and its innovative founder, Jeff Bezos. In fact, if you’re looking for a few lessons that can be applied to your own business, Amazon and Bezos provide a wealth of examples on how to do it the right way. After… Read more »

5 super easy tips to make your support processes more human.

Edit the default Snippets and Auto-Acknowledgement Subject. Desk gives you complete control over your Auto-Acknowledgements. This includes the look and feel, but also the wording of the Body and Subject. If you need to use Auto-Acknowledgements it’s always good to give this your own voice, and is super easy to do. It’s always good to… Read more »

How to offer kick-ass customer support on Twitter

Social networks provide an awesome opportunity for you to help customers faster if you use them correctly. With only 140 characters in a tweet, you need to write concise messages and get right to the point. It’s also a great opportunity for you to connect with customers by using a friendlier, funner style. But you… Read more »

What to know when using social media for customer service

Social Media has grown to be an integral part of our personal lives in this digital age. Many of us ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ our favorite schools, churches, service providers, brands, stores, and even celebrities. As a small- to-medium-sized business, you may consider going social for marketing purposes, but have you considered taking to social media… Read more »

7 essential support metrics you should start measuring today

What words come to mind when we think of great customer support? Empathy, patience, and positivity perhaps. But what about metrics? While I agree that support is ultimately about people, metrics are how we measure our performance and inform improvements. To boost your customer support strategy, take a left and right-brain approach by tracking these… Read more »

Why Twitter is your most important support channel

We’ve entered the age of the social customer. Today’s customers have a lot of power, and their voices are amplified on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social channels. Not only do they research brands online, but they’re vocal about sharing their opinions. In case you’re still not convinced that you need to make social a… Read more »

There’s an app for that…

It’s no secret that we’re always looking to give our customers the most choice when it comes to extending their customer service environments. We haven’t figured out how to make wash windows –yet– but if you’re looking for an integration to add telephony, chat, or even tutorials for your help center content, there’s… Read more »

Offer #awesome support on social

Do you need more than one social account? What’s the best way to train support agents on social? How do you integrate Facebook with your other channels? What if someone asks a technical question on Twitter? How should you handle haters? Our new e-book has the answers to these questions, and more.   Most companies… Read more »

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