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Why marketing should sponsor your support center

    Do you measure traffic to your Support Center? This is why you should. When a company decides to create its own Support Center, it literally opens another storefront for their customers. This storefront – in the same way as the company’s corporate site – is soon to become a reflection of the business… Read more »

An app ecosystem for the employee-centric workplace

The balance between employers and employees is shifting. A few generations ago, an employee could work at a single company her entire life and retire. That is not the case anymore. According to a LinkedIn study, up to 85% of the workforce is actively looking or open to a career change, including employees satisfied at… Read more »

First timer’s guide to creating a kick-ass knowledge base

So, you’re using Desk for email, but you keep getting some of the same questions over and over again. You’ve setup some Macros for canned responses, but how do you educate your customers and deflect these questions?  Create a customer-facing knowledge base! But that brings up another question: where do you start?  Desk makes it… Read more »

7 habits of highly secure small businesses

Information security is easy to put on the back burner—until disaster strikes. In the last decade, a staggering number of small- and medium-size organizations have fallen victim to cyber attacks and data breaches. Many of those breaches proved fatal, putting companies out of business. How can these disasters be prevented? Here are seven best practices… Read more »

Customer support and driving the Wienermobile

Yes. It happened, and I can prove it. I’m one of the lucky dogs who drove the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile across the country after college, and I learned some valuable customer support lessons along the way. Here are three lessons that can be translated very well to your support team in order to make them… Read more »

It’s about the whole company, not just the website

A company’s website is very important.  Learning from customers is very important.  But there is a good way to learn from customers about your website, and there is what I think of as being, “the bad way.” When I go to, I’m there to learn about AcmeWhatever’s products and services, get an answer to… Read more »

Is your business holiday-ready?

Nothing is more musical to a retailer than the sound of the jingling cash registers and holiday season is when they expect to rake in the greenbacks. However, how ready are you to receive all the extra attention of the buyers and meet their demands without disappointing them? The holidays are a crazy time for… Read more »

Sifting through data dross to find relevant customer metrics

Customer service and marketing specialists are often fire-hosed with data. However, the devil isn’t always in the details. Sometimes you need to be able to identify clear patterns and threads that can only happen when you look at the right metrics over long periods of time. Companies can value from getting a bird’s eye view… Read more »

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