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Never stop improving your customer support

“Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better, best”. That’s the mantra of the customer support team (called the WOW team). We continually try to improve the way we work, and make smart choices that help us be more efficient and offer an even better customer experience…. Read more »

Help! I just became the admin…

This is the next in the SE series intended to help those who have just inherited the responsibility of owning their implementation. Here are four points of advice to help you in managing your instance. 1. Take control of what is YOURS If there is one trait in common with some implementations… Read more »

6 advanced small business tips to improve customer service

Running a successful small business can be a struggle. Big-name companies have the luxury of being able to offer greater selection, better locations, and lower prices across all industries. Why, then, do customers keep coming back to small businesses? In many cases, it boils down to service. Small businesses are known for treating customers as… Read more »

The law of the mirror

Modern technology has greatly increased the scale at which companies can provide customer service. At SignUpGenius, for example, we provide customer support for up to seven million unique users per month with under half-a-dozen customer support representatives. While web-based tools like those at are invaluable for making this possible, the key to using electronic… Read more »

4 steps for creating brand evangelists with customer service

Many people think customer service is just about answering questions — how a product works, when the next version will come out, why a delivery is late. But for small and medium businesses, it is so much more. It’s one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways for you to drive loyalty and repeat business,… Read more »

Connecting on a human level through online customer support

Chances are, you’ve experienced the crushing frustration of going in automated phone tree circles, trying to the find the magic combination of buttons to press to speak with a customer service representative. Or perhaps you’ve struggled with faulty apps that disconnect while you try to live chat with a representative. It’s exactly this type of inconvenience… Read more »

Customer spotlight: Hailo drives ahead with in-app support

“Support customers where they are,” has been a mantra of customer service ever since the social revolution. But what if where they are isn’t Facebook, or Twitter, or their email inbox? What if they are in your app? As more and more businesses shift their focus from desktops to mobile apps, it’s harder for customers… Read more »

6 low-cost technology trends to improve SMB customer service

Decades ago, long before faxes and emails, customer service was mostly dependent upon telephone contact, aside from actual face-to-face interaction with your customers. With all of our new technology, it’s more important than ever to interact with your customers online since that is where the vast majority of them are doing their business. If you… Read more »

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