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Last week, landed in Chicago to catch up with our local customers, have a drink with some rock star developers at the RailsConf, and bring them all together at the Salesforce1 World Tour.  Three of our customers even got up on-stage to talk about how they’re able to deliver outstanding customer support with… Read more »

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Your Customers are on a Journey, and You Need to be in the Passenger Seat

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Every customer is on a journey. It’s like they are driving down the highway, trying to get from point A to point B. As a customer service professional, you can help them have a smoother, happier trip. Most companies start with signposting. Every driver needs to know where they are going, and without road signs… Read more »

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4 Ways to Leverage Data to Improve Your Customer Service Decisions

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Your customer data reveals a lot about your business. It provides great insights into not only how you can improve your customer support, but also how you can improve your overall product. By taking advantage of this data, you can build a better product and optimize your organization. DataHero is an analytics service that integrates… Read more »

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Customer Service Disruptor Spotlight: Formstack Cuts Support Costs by 60%

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Customers are demanding a lot more from their service experience today, especially when you add social and mobile into the conversation. They expect to get quick answers and they want to do it on their own, when it’s the most convenient for them. Last week, we kicked off our new Customer Service Disruptor Webinar Series… Read more »

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Growing Your E-Commerce Business Without Losing the Personal Touch

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Today, we all know Amazon as the pioneer in online shopping and the mother of all e-commerce companies. Brick-and-mortar stores were transformed forever when Amazon burst onto the scene in the 1990s, and e-commerce has taken off ever since. In fact, Forrester Research projects U.S. online retail sales will reach $370 billion in 2017 up… Read more »

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Bringing the Heat to Social Insights: Viralheat and

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There’s no denying that social media is now connected to nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr have become the defacto methods we use to keep up with everything that matters most to us. And customer service is no exception to the social media explosion. Today’s customer now flocks to… Read more »

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Why Small Business Leaders Need to Try All Hands Support

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Josh Reeves, CEO of ZenPayroll, and every member of his company pitch in to provide customer support at least once a month. At last month’s Salesforce Essentials for Service Excellence event Josh explained, “Payroll isn’t typically something you usually think of as delightful, but our goal is to change that by providing customers with a… Read more »

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