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ShowClix: A Cool Ticketing Business Hot on Customer Service

The Coolest Business in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh-based ShowClix is a new kind of ticketing company. They provide event organizers, promoters and venue managers with innovative solutions that allow them to sell tickets online, over the telephone and at their box office. Event promoters and venues have real-time access and complete control over their events, inventory, and marketing data.

ShowClix delivers tickets via mobile multimedia messaging service (MMS) to customers’ cell phones, creating ticket scanning functions for smartphones like the Android and plugging in to social networking sites.

Lynsie Campbell, President, and Joshua Dziabiak, CEO, have created a work environment at ShowClix that fosters innovation through fun, which is reflected in the office’s free cereal bar and the Nerf-gun arsenal available to the staff.

Customer Service as a Strategic Differentiation

A focus on the customer has been an innate part of the culture at ShowClix since launch:
"We're fanatical about providing an exceptional customer experience," says Jonathan Bieda, Creative Coordinator. "If you need help, we're available. Some of our competitors have been around a long time and have set up a lot of walls for customers. We really focus on making both ticket selling and ticket buying easy and efficient.  Our clients, and their ticket buyers, are our top priority...always."

Two Different Sides to Customer Support

As a function of the way the business is structured, ShowClix maintains a clear delineation between their customer-facing business and their client-side business—ticket buyers and ticket sellers. But, while these are separate, agents for both groups need to coordinate and communicate information to each other.

"Our previous system wasn't able to do that," says Bieda. "With Assistly we have more ability to customize, and the interface is really simple. We can build out both the client-facing and customer-facing presences, and have everyone be on the same page, with accurate, real-time information accessible to all.  Escalation is very easy now; that was something we couldn't do with OS Ticket."

"We also knew we really needed a robust help section online to show clients exactly how the system works. Now you can look up information on any subject; it's all now available easily. Our system demanded it—those resources were essential to us."

Upcoming Plans for Assistly's Features

Jon manages the content for help articles:  "We're always trying to rework web tools to be user friendly and help uncover how people are using the system. We'll keep building our Knowledge Base. One thing we'll do in the short term is link to help articles during the checkout process, aiming at a completely integrated help system. On our end, we want to integrate Assistly into administration so that our reps can look up customer information quickly, so that they have all the information at their fingertips. Building these articles out as we grow is going to be a great help."

Happy Agents Make for Happy Customers

"The main things I am hearing from our agent is how excited they are to see the entire case history right in the desktop—and how relieved they are not to have six windows open in their browser. Everything is funneled into one place, so issues don't get dropped. We lost all our browser headaches when we got Assistly!"

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