Extend the power of Desk.com with Apps.

Integrate with a growing number of applications and platforms. Upgrade to premium chat with Olark or SnapEngage. Turn cases into trackable bugs with JIRA. Extend your support team with agents for hire from Metaverse Mod Squad. And that's just for starters. You can also connect your corporate systems directly to Desk.com — giving employees one unified application to deliver awesomely responsive customer service.

  • Salesforce

    Sales and support teams can share a complete view of the customer with Desk.com for Salesforce.

  • Mailchimp

    Add and unsubscribe email addresses from your MailChimp lists, with MailChimp for Desk.com.

  • Campfire

    With Campfire for Desk.com, teams are easily notified of your customers' urgent needs.

  • TalkDesk

    Integrate your phone interactions automatically with Desk.com to keep your entire customer history in one place.

  • Twilio

    Twilio SMS for Desk.com allows support agents to stay on top of important issues in real time - from anywhere.

  • Flowdock

    Seamlessly collect all of your communications in one place with Flowdock for Desk.com

  • HipChat

    HipChat for Desk.com supercharges real-time collaboration.

  • PagerDuty

    PagerDuty for Desk.com immediately alerts your support team when systems go down.

  • Webhooks

    Post any message to any URL. Use Liquid to create dynamic content.

  • Jira

    Create and view JIRA tickets from Desk.com cases and view Desk.com linked cases in JIRA.

  • HipMob

    Support customers in your mobile app with in-app chat.

  • Userlike

    Support your customers with premium live chat.

  • Zapier

    Connect Desk.com to hundreds of SaaS applications.

  • Klaviyo

    Incorporate Desk.com information into custom e-mail marketing recipes.

  • SnapEngage

    Support your customers with premium live chat.

  • LiveChat

    Support your customers with premium live chat.

  • Olark

    Support your customers with premium live chat.

  • Lexity

    Connect Desk.com to Shopify.

  • Cloudwork

    Connect Desk.com to the web apps you already use to run your business.

  • RightSignature

    Have Desk.com contacts quickly sign documents online in RightSignature.

  • NiceReply

    Customer satisfaction analytics for e-mail, live chat and helpdesk.

  • VerbalizeIt

    Human-Powered Translation. In an Instant.

  • Cirrus

    Desk.com support right inside your gmail inbox.

  • Viralheat


    Expand your support across even more social channels with the Viralheat and Desk.com integration.

  • Customer Thermometer

    CustomerThermometer allows customers to rate their service interactions with a single click.

  • Panorama9

    Control your entire IT environment from a single cloud-based dashboard and use Desk to update and resolve those cases.

  • Preact

    Customer Support Meets Customer Success

  • DataHero


    Unmask the Answers in Your Customer Service Data

  • FullStory


    Play back user sessions before you respond

  • GetFeedback


    Create and Integrate Engaging, Mobile-Ready Online Surveys in Minutes

  • GetFeedback


    Connect and Engage with Your Website Visitors

  • Cyfe


    Monitor All of Your Business Data from One Place

  • Shopify


    View your critical e-commerce information in Desk.com

  • Bitium


    Connect Desk.com to Bitium for centralized app management.

Integration URLs

Easily connect to public sites and back-end systems

Integrate any website with Desk.com. Pass cases or customer information via URL to your web-based back-end order management, customer profile, or sales applications.

Desk API

Desk + You = Awesomer

Integrate Desk.com customer service tools directly into your own apps.

Desk.com's API expose methods for showing customers, cases, channel interactions, and agents as well as methods for creating interactions. Our REST APIs allow you to retrieve cases for a particular customer, update a customer's information, and create new interactions, cases and customers.

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