Make Better Decisions Based on Actionable Insights

With Business Insights you can easily track the performance of your customer support teams right down to the individual agent. Analyze how well customers are being supported on every channel and quickly gain insights into how to continuously improve customer interactions and satisfaction.

Powerful Pre-Configured Reports

Built-in. Customizable. 4x Faster. Business Insights gives you an at-a-glance summary of all your key performance metrics, across all your support channels such as Cases Created from Twitter and Facebook, or Average Handle Times over email and phone. The intuitive user interface also allows you to easily compare week over week or month over month performance trends, identify and analyze outliers, and filter information by channel. All this built-in with no third party services required.'s Business Insights has cut the amount of time it takes me to analyze my support process from a full day to only two hours!
- Bill Thompson, Guru of Customer Happiness, Olark

Agents Performance Reports

Quickly see just how awesome your agents are

Agent performance reports are focused on the actions, achievements, and work performed by agents and groups. See how many cases agents opened, resolved, replied to, reassigned, or reopened - regardless of who the case was assigned to.

Customize and Share

Slice and dice information the way you want it

Easily customize reports to meet your company’s unique needs. Whether you’re narrowing down dates, looking at specific channels or curious about high-level trends each report can be tailored to focus in on what’s most important to you. You can quickly save favorites for instant access and share these with anyone in your company.