Your First Step Towards Support Hero Status

The fundamentals of delivering amazing customer support on every channel is solid, multi-channel case management. With, gone are the days of fumbling important customer support requests with shared email accounts — we've got your fundamentals covered. Now delivering the WOW to your customers is up to you.

Case Management

Never Allow a Case to Fall Through the Cracks...Ever Again

Organization is the key to any finely-tuned support machine. collects all incoming and outgoing customer interactions from every channel — phone, email, online chat and social — and neatly organizes them into a Universal Inbox. As soon as agents enter the Agent Interface, they immediately understand the work that needs to be done that day. Focus on providing kickass customer service and let automatically organize your company's cases for you.

Case Filters & Business Rules

No More Sifting — Focus On What's Important At A Single Glance

Your days of sifting through a messy inbox are over. With's Case Filters, all of your cases are neatly arranged into custom filters or "queues." Build Case Filters to view cases assigned to you, cases from a specific channel, or even today's work. No more sticky notes, spreadsheets or unorganized inboxes.

Using's Business Rules, you also have the opportunity to automate the organization your cases - further improving your team's organization and productivity. Set up a Business Rule to raise a case's priority if it hasn't been opened in 2 hours and create a Case Filter to easily be aware of these cases. With Case Filters and Business Rules, you never have to look for the next case to solve.

Escalation and Case Tracking

Easily Track the Status and Priority of All Cases

Nothing hinders an agent's productivity and organization more than being unaware of the status or priority of a case.'s Case Management tracks the status and priority of every customer interaction so that all cases are handled with the intent of opening and closing a case - as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Labels & Notes

Categorize Your Cases and Add Custom Information

Categorize all your cases with labels for easy sorting and reporting. Use custom fields to add information unique to your business such as customer ID or product purchases. Use labels and custom fields in business rules, case filters, macros and even reporting.

Don't forget, organizations rely on communication between agents. Using, agents can communicate internally on specific cases through private notes. Collaborate with fellow team members and focus on delivering an amazing customer experience.