Organize and share your team's knowledge.

Knowledge is power.'s content manager makes it easy to build a knowledge base of "one-right-answers" and make them available to customers and your team. No reinventing the wheel. No wasting time. Just expert knowledge at everybody's fingertips.

Knowledge Base makes it easy to create answers, organize them by topic, make them available to your support team as pre-written answers in multiple formats — or make them searchable on your web site.

Like your favorite online word processor or blog editor, makes it easy to create articles using common styles, fonts, graphics, and hyperlinks — then organize your content by topic. Everything is available in, and you can give editing rights to everybody or only specific users.

Support Center

Put the best answers within arm's reach

Make all your agents as knowledgeable as your best agents.

Organize all of your team's knowledge into articles that are created by anybody on your team, so that everybody has access to the best answers and your customers get consistent replies. Agents will be able to insert responses from the knowledge base directly into an email or Tweet (and the tool will help you write a short Tweetable version). You can keep articles private — just for your support team to use — or publish them directly to your support center.