for Salesforce®'s deep, real-time, two-way integration with Salesforce® means sales and support teams have complete and robust views of shared customers. Salespeople can talk to customers in confidence with up-to-date details on any support issues - from within Sales Cloud. Support teams can prioritize workload with real-time Salesforce data - such as where a customer is in the sales cycle or their value - from within

Sync Sales & Support

CRM and support in perfect harmony for Salesforce® provides two-way integration between and Salesforce, allowing sales and support teams to share a complete view of the customer. also integrates with Salesforce Chatter®, making it easy to involve your entire company in customer support. for Salesforce is deployed from the AppExchange®, allowing agents and admins to share and act on information with users of Sales Cloud-and vice versa.

Salesforce Users can...

  • View current and past support cases by customer
  • Create support cases for Agents to handle
  • Add notes to cases, making collaboration between sales, marketing and support a breeze Users can...

  • Create Salesforce leads and contacts from support cases and pass them to Salesforce.
  • Search for and see account, contact, and lead info from Salesforce.
  • Create and run Business Rules based on Salesforce customer data.


Publish key Alerts to Chatter

For companies that use Salesforce Chatter, business rules can send Chatter notifications. Use this as a way to draw upon the real-time collective intelligence of your organization.

For instance, set a rule so that all senior executives are notified via Chatter when a major customer has an urgent or critical support issue. This lets your team respond instantly when an important customer is in trouble.

Shared Views of Shared Customers

A clear and actionable view of the customer

With Sales Cloud information, it's easier than ever to deliver a consistent experience to the customer. users can see and act on important customer information from Sales Cloud when working on cases - without ever leaving

An organization can configure to show where the customer is in the sales cycle, the customer's status or value to the company, or the customer's point of contact within the company-all information from Salesforce that is updated in real-time. Salesforce users can see and act on detailed customer support information from when managing their leads and opportunities. As the support team works on cases, that information can be shown inside Sales Cloud so that the sales team has an up-to-the-minute view of all the activity on their account-including detailed information on each support case. This lets salespeople talk to their customers in confidence, knowing the status of any issues that might concern the customer.

Benefits of Desk Integration with Salesforce®

  • Pass Contacts

    Create Sales Cloud Contacts from support cases and pass them to Sales Cloud.

  • Pass Leads

    Create Sales Cloud Leads from support cases and pass them to Sales Cloud.

  • Integrated Searches

    Search for information such as Accounts, Contacts, and Leads in Sales Cloud

  • Business Rules

    Use business rules that take advantage of Sales Cloud's database

  • View by Account

    View all of the support cases for a particular Account.

  • Collaborate

    Create notes and use them to collaborate with Agents.

  • Create Support Cases

    Create a support case (without requiring a separate seat license)