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A Zendesk vs. Desk.com Comparison

Desk.com: A Zendesk Alternative

As a small business, your primary goal is growing your customer base while providing excellent customer service. Finding the right help desk to support your customers is of the utmost importance when it comes to providing outstanding customer service.

One of the big players in the industry of Help Desks or customer service applications is Zendesk. Unfortunately, we have seen many of our customers hit a brick wall when using Zendesk. They found it complex and unwieldy, and were stuck in the mud learning how to use the system. Desk.com is the primary Zendesk alternative. Customer service is the beating heart of Desk.com. By providing our own world-class customer service, we have come to understand the needs and functions of a fast and intuitive product. When customer service is done right, it can become a brand's strongest differentiator.

Desk.com: A Help Desk Competitor for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

It was a revolution in our service and support culture.

Desk.com understands that a company's support needs are varied by size. That's why we specifically address the needs of small and medium-sized companies, making it possible for them to deliver world-class support. Due to Zendesk's enormous amount of growth in the past few years, their needs have begun to shift to serving a customer base made up of larger companies and bigger support teams. Although this is great for the company of Zendesk, their smaller customers have suffered due to product changes that have focused on more complicated features and functionalities. Desk.com on the other hand, lives and breathes on creating a product that solely serves small-medium businesses. Our product is so intuitive and easy to use that Bonobo's Head of Support configured Desk.com in one weekend when he was watching football at home. This exemplifies the core benefits of our product. With very little training, any employee can learn how to configure and use Desk.com.

Desk.com: Help Desk Alternative That Grows With Your Business

One of the major benefits your company can take advantage of with Desk.com is the backing and support of Salesforce. As Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, once said, “For us, the things that are important is, No. 1, customer success. Nothing is more important to us than making sure every customer is successful in our service.” Like Marc, at Desk.com, we want your business to thrive. However, with our mission, there is the inevitable fact that your company will eventually outgrow our product. Fortunately, with the backing of Salesforce, your company can easily transition to Salesforce products with identical interfaces and features but more advancements suited for your swelling customer base. In the early days of Spotify and Yelp, they began providing excellent customer service using Desk.com. After seeing explosive growth of their business and their customers, their needs evolved along with the size of their support team. With very little effort, both companies were easily able to transition their Help Desk to Salesforce's Service Cloud that provided more advanced features for their growing business. You can guarantee that as your business grows, Salesforce will be there to make sure you are receiving the tools and resources you need to continue down the path of success.

Desk.com is focused on simplicity

It's one of the most straight-forward apps I've ever seen.

At Desk.com, not only do we pride ourselves on building a product that features cutting edge technology, but that is also simple and easy to maneuver. Among a number of our customers, many first began their Help Desk search by trying to integrate with Zendesk, however found that their interface was too complicated and difficult to customize. This is not always a bad thing – some companies prefer an application with more complex product features. However, at Desk.com we understand that many small-medium companies prefer to have an intuitive interface with an easy onboarding process. That is why we have worked tirelessly to create a product where employees from every department can easily learn how to use all of our simple and powerful features. Forget a complicated interface with intricate menus and lengthy training sessions. Desk.com provides the small-medium businesses with the applications they need to provide world-class customer service like the big players in their industry.

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