Fast set up

Get up and running in minutes on your own, and bring all your support channels together in one place to help customers faster than ever.

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Mobile support

Help customers and keep an eye on your business from anywhere with end-to-end case management and reporting for mobile.

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Case management

Route inquiries to the right agents and keep them all organized with intelligent tools that help you close cases in record time.

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Productivity tools

Workflows and automation help you speed through repetitive tasks and frequently asked questions so you can focus on complex ones.

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Satisfaction scores

Easily survey customers from within to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) and adjust your products and services over time.

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Business insights

Speed your decision-making with actionable insights and pre-empt small issues before they become big ones.

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Performance monitoring

Track support team performance down to the individual agent and easily analyze service metrics across every support channel.

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Self-service site

Let customers solve their own problems with branded support sites that make it easy to find answers or check their own case status.

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Multi-brand support

Manage multiple brands and provide a better self-service experience with separate help centers for each of your product lines.

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Knowledge base

Keep consistent, correct answers accessible at your agents’ and customers’ fingertips — even from their mobile phones.

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Partner apps

Extend the power of with easy integration to partner apps for bug tracking, live chat, e-commerce, and many more.

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Salesforce connection

Share 360-degree customer information so sales and service can work more closely together.

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Flex licences

Get pay-by-the-hour flex agent pricing so everyone in your company can help with support during busy times.

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All-in-one customer support for small business

$35 month-to-month (USD)

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Business Plus


Complete support with enterprise-grade customization

$140 month-to-month (USD)

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Salesforce Service Cloud


Deep customization for comprehensive support

Annual Only

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*Per agent, billed annually.

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