Social media

Facebook and Twitter in your inbox

Your customers are social, and you need to be too. View and respond to tweets, posts, and messages from within so no customer ever falls through the cracks.

Access feedback from all channels in one place


Never miss an email

Automatically turn customer emails into cases — each with an owner, priority, and status. A unique support email address lets your customers easily reach you.


Track phone calls too

Manage phone-based cases alongside email, social, and chat. Easily search to see if you are talking to an existing customer so you can respond faster and more accurately.


Chat in real time

Interact with customers in real time, directly from your website. Add a chat window or easily integrate with partners like Olark, SnapEngage, or LiveChat.

Discussion Boards

Moderate from your inbox

Add discussion boards to your website to engage your community. Included out of the box, discussion boards let agents moderate posts or respond to threads directly from the universal inbox.