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Customer self-service for fast-growing companies

Self-service support sites can help customers answer their own questions any time, anywhere.

Self-service support for fast-growing companies is necessary in order to please your customers and help your support teams tackle every case that comes in. For example, a whopping 72% of people think self-service support is a fast and easy way to handle support issues. BUT self-service support need to be effective and useful. If it is, 91% of customers would use an online support center if it were available and tailored to their needs. Some helpful best practices:

  • 63% of customers are frustrated with the placement of the search bar so place it in central, easy-to-find place;
  • 56% of customers cite lack of info as their reason for abandoning a website. Make sure the support center content is current and useful to customers;
  • 92% of people use search engines to find information so optimize content for frequent customer searches to generate more traffic.

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