Create interactive scripts to help guide and train agents.

Zingtree lets you quickly create, deploy, and analyze live agent scripts. Using the UI integration capabilities in, your custom script shows up in each ticket, even if another agent picks up the session. Zingtree saves a full Q&A transcript of each journey through your scripts, and collects lots of useful data along the way. You can review each agent’s session, get performance summaries, see where agents get stuck, and more.

Creating agent scripts is easy with Zingtree’s toolkit. Our wizard will guide you through the starting point of the decision tree. The overview form fields let you edit and refine the nodes to perfection. And, if you are visually oriented, the designer lets you drag and drop the nodes and branches to build your script like a flowchart diagram. Zingtree turns your project into a fully interactive working script — automatically. You can add images, videos, hyperlinks and more, making the scripts a powerful, interactive tool, increasing agent efficiency.