With Avochato you can now send and receive text messages to customers through cases in Desk.com.

Avochato helps your customer support team manage phone calls and SMS text messages with customers.

When your team creates an Avochato account, you receive a custom phone number. In most cases, we can let you use an existing number. This number can be called to, texted to, and/or incorporated into an existing phone tree.

When integrated with Desk.com through the "Add Integrations" link, Avochato posts inbound calls and texts to a new or existing case. Avochato also allows your team to reply to customers' text messages directly within the Desk case.

If you prefer, you can use Avochato’s native web and mobile (iOS and Android) apps to send and receive text messages and calls. The record of those calls and messages stays updated within Desk for visibility.

Avochato offers service in both the Classic and Next Gen Desk.com agents.