Automatically survey your customers after ticket closure and evaluate feedback with the power of the Net Promoter Score.

What’s the foundation of your company? Customer satisfaction! Now you can measure sentiment and react faster than ever before.

Analyze and measure customer sentiment, react immediately.

Customer satisfaction identifies the quality of your company’s customer relationships. Callexa helps you tmeasure this valuable information, makes customer needs predictable, and gives you means to react accordingly. This will improve your relationships and increase the quality and number of recommendations.

Evaluate customer sentiment

Callexa uses modern 1-click surveys based on Net Promoter® Score (NPS), measuring the willingness of your customers to recommend you to their friends or colleagues. By doing so, your customer puts his credibility on the line, which resulting in more accurate assessments than impersonal ratings. NPS is already used by many well-known companies and has proven to achieve higher response rates than ordinary survey methods.

Manage your survey recipients

Conduct directed customer surveys regularly or by using our API after certain events like an order, support inquiry, or cancellation.

4 ways to connect to your customers:

  • Link to the survey in your newsletters or on your website
  • Manage recipient lists to target a selected group of customers
  • Import and export data easily with CSV files
  • Use our API to connect Callexa to your CRM or Online Shop

We provide a distributed mailing service or you can set up your own mail server to send scheduled surveys with just a few clicks.

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