Helping to improve customer data, case history, and case dispute resolution through integrated communications.

To provide excellent customer service, it is necessary to use tools that enhance the customer’s experience.

CloudCall offers the ability to fully integrate phone systems with, allowing to effectively manage all support communications in one place.

With CloudCall, there are a range of features that can deliver benefits to your business, including:

Click-to-call - Initiate calls directly from customer’s records, as well as from anywhere on the interface, using the CloudCall call window to increase user efficiency.

Call Logging - Keep all case history and data accurate by logging calls directly against case references.  

  • Duplicate calls and inconsistent case history are recurring issues for support teams and businesses. To counter this, CloudCall removes the risk of inconsistent case history by providing you with the functionality of logging calls directly against case references, improving case visibility.

Create New Cases through Inbound Calls - Create new cases directly from the CloudCall call window. Users can quickly access relevant cases and even create new cases. Search for and add call notes to ‘related cases’ - resulting in more accurate records and increased customer resolution rates.

Inbound Screen Notification - For all incoming calls, receive a pop-up alert with a link to the customer’s records for an increased awareness of the customer and their interactions with the business.

Call Recordings - Record and replay phone conversations. All call recordings can be saved for up to 7 years and are logged against the contacts’ records ensuring that all customer interactions are stored in the system.

Queue Callback -  Improve customer experience by creating the option to request a callback or leave a voicemail when experiencing long wait times due to high call volumes.  

Live Call Monitoring - CloudCall’s supervisor panel allows management to ‘Monitor, Whisper and Barge’, live calls for an increased awareness of the customer’s experience and enhance customer resolution rates.