Connect and FullStory to easily see how customers interact with your website.

FullStory lets you watch DVR-like video playback of a user’s session on your website. Support and product teams get unique insight into what happened before, during and after the user filed a support ticket. It’s simple: Add the FullStory script to your website and you’re off and running. There are no events to mark or triggers to add because FullStory captures all of your users’ interactions with your site. With FullStory, you can browse user sessions, play back the session in which a ticket was filed and share a session link directly with your team.

The FullStory integration with brings this recording right into every case. Utilizing’s Integration URLs, a customer support agent can now view the FullStory recording of the user session with a single click without leaving the case itself. Now your support teams can easily understand everything about the customer experience and can respond appropriately. Click here for more information and instructions on how to integrate FullStory and