Measure customer satisfaction in your support interactions and on your knowledge base itself. is a modern online survey software application that allows anyone to create visually engaging, branded, mobile-ready surveys in minutes. The GetFeedback – integration allows you to collect customer feedback and associate that feedback to cases. Since both Desk and GetFeedback integrate with the Salesforce1 Sales Cloud, you can now view customer sentiment across both sales and support.

With GetFeedback for, you can:

  • Embed Surveys in a Support Center: Collect customer feedback directly from support websites, allowing a company to pinpoint areas of confusion and identify how knowledge articles can be improved.
  • Embed surveys into your email replies: Measure the effectiveness of support agent interaction with customers by embedding customer surveys in each email reply.
  • Trigger Surveys When Support Cases are Created or Resolved: Measure customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores to ensure every customer is a fan.
  • Sync it All with Salesforce Sales Cloud: Send support case feedback to the Salesforce Sales Cloud so that you have a full view of the customer experience across both sales and support.