Create user guides in seconds.

Helppier is an on-site customer support tool that enables your company to create interactive user guides and onboarding walkthroughs. Helppier is all about going beyond the traditional online customer service. By creating sequential instructions to interactively guide users on your website or web application, users don’t need to go back and forth between technical videos and documentation. All this without ever leaving your website.

With the Helppier integration for, we make it simple to share support articles on every page of your website or web product. You can embed your knowledge base systems in our widget. This way users don’t need to leave your website to help themselves.

It’s all about user’s freedom: they don’t have to wait for an answer when surfing on your website, solving their problems faster. Your customer support team will also increase speed response of other tickets and quality.

Give quick answers to your customers straight from any webpage using Helppier widget. Centralize all support communication on our on-site tool to let users read and search knowledge articles on their own.