Make and receive calls from Automatically sync all your call activities, recordings, and voicemails.

JustCall is a cloud-based business phone system that provides you with phone numbers in 58 countries. You can make, receive, and track phone calls using these provided numbers. Your team members can use JustCall anytime, from anywhere and on any device. Every JustCall user gets click-to-call, appointment scheduler, and conference calling tools. You can easily route incoming calls to voicemail or to your team members—all at once, or in sequence.

JustCall automatically logs all calling activities and creates tickets for new callers. JustCall saves call logs, recordings, and voicemails to your contact profiles on Also, it allows you to make and receive calls directly from your account.

You can use JustCall to make calls or receive incoming calls on our web app, iOS and Android mobile apps, or Mac and Windows desktop apps.