Phone + Text because 64% prefer SMS.

OneReach is a text-enabled phone system for users that starts at $22 per agent. Now you can use as your phone system, by plugging in headsets directly into your computer. OneReach allows you to make and receive calls and connect them to the case that your customer is calling about. Even better, OneReach also supports text messaging on the same phone number so that you can engage with your customers over text message.

A recent national poll showed that 64% of people prefer to text rather than call a company for customer care. With the OneReach Phone/Text app for Desk you can allow your customers to text your company and reply to them directly in Desk.

Top Features of the + OneReach integration:

  • Make or receive phone calls from
  • Send and receive SMS text messages within
  • Buy a new phone number or use your existing number
  • Add an unlimited number of agents
  • Add text messaging as a communication channel
  • Track phone calls or text messages per agent
  • Create agent groups
  • Route incoming calls vs messages to different groups
  • Visual voicemail
  • Review communication history
  • Full-screen mode