Control your entire IT environment from a single cloud-based dashboard and use Desk to update and resolve those cases.

Panorama9 provides you with a multi-faceted dashboard that assists with all of your IT needs, including items such as asset management, system monitoring and alerts, ability to track your IT policies, system patch management and more.  Replace multiple tools with one, easy to use, comprehensive solution that Panorama9 provides.

With the Panorama9 and integration, issues detected by Panorama9 can:

  • Generate cases – leverage the power of the Desk assignment workflow and case management tools
  • Update cases – add user and associated asset information
  • Resolve cases – delight your customers & measure performance

The integration may be used as an addition to any of the Panorama9 notification abilities or be fully integrated so escalations or notifications are completely handled within Antivirus not installed on a machine? Automatically have Panorama9 create a case for follow up by your IT team. Need more memory for your laptop? Submit a case and hardware details about your machine are automatically included.