Use Preact to increase agent efficiency by providing visibility to customer actions both before and after they file a ticket through

Preact is a cloud-based customer success service that helps subscription software companies maximize customer lifetime value by reducing churn, acquiring new paid customers, and increasing user revenues. Preact provides health metrics tailored to each user and account by tracking detailed session-level usage of web and mobile applications and server APIs. Preact predicts and informs which customers are likely to churn, renew, or upgrade by modeling usage and behavior patterns using big data analytics, behavioral science, and machine learning. In addition, Preact provides deep, real-time visibility into product usage to dramatically improve customer support and product quality.

With the Preact and integration, your support agents have the ability to view the actions leading up to and following the creation of a case. This allows them to respond more intelligently, reducing the number of communications necessary to resolve a case and increasing their efficiency. Visit for more information. Click here for instructions on how to configure Preact for