Solve tickets in 84 different languages with’s app.

Improve your customer satisfaction scores and customer retention by using our combination of machine and professional human translations.

How It Works

When a ticket is submitted in a foreign language, our app provides a machine translation of the customer’s request. If the result of the machine translation is enough for the agent to understand the intent of the request — perfect. But if not, we can provide a human translation of the customer’s request.

While a machine translation may be enough to understand the customer, human translations are the only acceptable way to respond back. When you are ready to respond to the customer, simply respond using a note and add #translate to your response. We will intercept the response and securely transmit it to our translation portal. When the translation is complete, we will reply back to the customer on your behalf.


  • Free and instant machine translation of customers messages.
  • Over 100,000 translations completed by over 17,000 professional translators.
  • Native integration eliminating the hassle of copying and pasting of text.
  • Professional human translations within minutes, and at an industry leading price.
  • Over 90 language pairs supported.
  • Advanced HTTPS security and encryption on all data transmission.
  • App installation within minutes.